CIMA Mayor's Trophy 2006

CIMA Canada Mayor's Trophy 24 June, 2006 Sunnybrook Park, Toronto

Building on the success of the ICC award winning CIMA cricket promotional event in 2005, CIMA committee reached another major milestone in staging the 2006 Mayor’s trophy. The event was held on Saturday 24 June at the Sunnybrook Park in Toronto.

CIMA Canada received tremendous support and cooperation from the CIMA Head Office in London. CIMA Worldwide President John Coghlan, Deputy President Gordon Grant and the Director of International Affairs Kathy Grimshaw attended the event.

Using an innovative marketing technique, CIMA gained immense coverage and mainstream media exposure through the cricket tournament. This year’s tournament was strategically aimed at attracting teams from Canadian media icons such as Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun and a number of Toronto TV stations.

CIMA Canada was also successful in negotiating a very important long term partnership with the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) that resulted in obtaining advertising space for CIMA on TTC Buses, Trains, subway stations and transit shelters.

CIMA Canada Media trophy was launched for the first time this year and was awarded to the best media cricket team. Toronto Sun cricket team won the media trophy while Scotia Bank defeated reigning champions Toronto Police Cricket team to win the CIMA Canada Mayor’s trophy

As a result of CIMA Canada’s strategic initiative in launching Toronto media cricket trophy, Toronto cricket event proved to be one of CIMA’s historic successes in terms of gaining media exposure any where in the world.

Mayor’s trophy event in Toronto is now considered as CIMA’s global community event. The event resulted in CIMA achieving the following major marketing and promotional goals benefiting our members and students in Canada.

CIMA President John Coghlan was interviewed live by Citytv on 23 June, 2006 the day before the event. OMNI TV carried a feature presentation with CIMA President John Coghlan and CIMA Canada President Kanish Thevarasa on 23 June, 2006.

CIMA launched a six weeks advertising campaign on TTC with 785 train/bus interior posters, 10 Subway stations posters and 5 transit shelter posters.

A 15 minute video clip on CIMA event was ran on TTC subway stations for six weeks prior to the event. Toronto Sun provided quarter page advertisement on the event for three consecutive Saturday’s prior to the event.

Globe and Mail and Toronto Star published feature news items on CIMA and promoted the event. Citytv, OMNI & ATN covered the event extensively in their evening news while Toronto Sun provided full page coverage.

As in the inaugural event in 2005 Toronto Mayor David Miller actively participated in the event with a number of dignitaries such as Consuls General representing Test playing nations, Publishers and Editors of Canada’s major news organizations as well as provincial and Municipal politicians.

Bell Canada was the lead sponsor of this year’s event. Scotia Bank, Coca Cola, M&M Meat Shops, Steam Whistle Brewing and a number of other associate sponsors joined the event this year and this will help increase awareness of CIMA qualification among the Canadian corporate sector.

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