CIMA Mayor's Trophy 2008

The fourth annual CIMA Canada Mayor's Trophy

The morning of Saturday 28 June turned out to be disastrous. At 6.30am, it has already started raining as predicted by Environment Canada and within 10 minutes it turned into a thunderstorm. By the time the CIMA volunteers reached Sunnybrook Park at 7.00am, the main cricket ground was full of shallow pools of water.

The rain had turned into a heavy drizzle by then and did not cease till around 8am. With opening ceremonies scheduled for 10am, it looked like the fourth annual CIMA Canada Mayor's Trophy was going to be a washout! A first after 9 years of hosting the game - four as the CIMA Canada Mayor's Trophy. 

Notwithstanding the rain, the players and the public started walking in at 9am, some even before. The first VIP to walk in at 9.30am was Philip Crawley, Publisher and CEO of the Globe and Mail. That's when we knew all was not lost. The VIP's kept walking in from that time onwards.

The next arrival was Galen Weston, Executive Chair of the Loblaw's Group of Companies (Loblaw's) accompanied by Alan Leighton, the President of Loblaw's. When the Mayor arrived at 10am, all the Public Sector and Private Sector VIP's had arrived.

Some of note are, Councillor Adam Vaughan, Jennifer Tory, Regional President for the Royal Bank of Canada, Nicholas Armour, Consul General of the UK Consulate in Toronto, Sandeep Lal, CEO of Metro Lables, CEO of Metro News Bill McDonald, CEO of Go Transit Gary McNeil, General Manager of Toronto Transit, Gary Webster, Chief of Police, Bill Blair, Kamran Niazi, Senior VP with Robert Half and many more.

All the speakers at the opening ceremony commended CIMA for it social involvement and some, on a lighter note, mentioned that it was appropriate that cricket being a sport that originated in England was to be played in such English weather. 

The news papers and TV stations got great footage of the Mayor and other VIP's tumbling in the muddy outfield during the CEO's XI vs the Mayor's XI that had VIP's from the public sector and the private sector battling it out in the cricket field. 
All in all, the Fourth Annual Mayor's Trophy turned out to be an excellent event.

The accolades came from all participants for the innovative youth cricket promotional program that CIMA launched this event.

The main media firms, corporate sponsors and the big 4 accounting firms have solidly supported the fund raising efforts for youth cricket scholarships. With Royal Bank of Canada committed as lead sponsor for the next two years, it appears that this event can only get bigger.

Publicity and promotion of the CIMA Brand 

While the social aspect is commendable and is a great opportunity for CIMA to portray its social responsiveness, our primary goal is to advertise and publicize the CIMA brand and thereby increase brand recognition in Canada.

This recognition translates to greater employability of our members in the medium to long term. Some of the publicity and advertising that took place around this event are:

  • The Mayor's office called for a press conference on 24 June to announce the "Cricket across the Pond" initiative - the 12 youth cricketers from Toronto's "at risk" neighbourhoods that are being sent to the UK on a two week tour as an add on to the CIMA Canada Mayor's Trophy. CIMA was commended by all speakers including the Mayor of Toronto for its social involvement. The press conference was covered by all TV stations and newspapers.
  • CIMA Deputy President Aubrey Joachim, was interviewed on CITY TV, Toronto's prominent news channel, ATN - Canada's cricket channel and Fan 590, Toronto's popular sports Radio Station.
  • CIMA Secretary, Veena Venkatraman was interviewed by the CBC (Canada's BBC).
  • The Mayor of Toronto and one of the members of the youth tour were interviewed by the CBC prior to the press conference on 24 June and both of them credited CIMA for its involvement, during the interview.
  • CIMA Deputy President, Aubrey Joachim, was quoted on the CBC on the day of the event.
  • The Metro newspaper advertised and wrote about the event prior to and after the event.
  • The Globe and Mail advertised the event and covered the event in three separate stories.
  • The Toronto Star, a prominent Toronto newspaper covered the event and were very complimentary to CIMA about the youth tour, in its article.
  • Toronto Sun ran a story on the Youth cricket tour and took part in the CIMA media competition
  • The CIMA Canada Mayor's Trophy advertisement (with the CIMA logo and The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants® being prominently positioned) was displayed on each rail car of GO transit for four weeks in June. GO Transit also ran a story on the CIMA event on their quarterly customer newsletter distributed through rail stations and trains. Go transit transports passengers from the suburbs to Toronto and carries around 50 million riders annually. This advertising created much interest and CIMA Canada received many phone inquiries.
  • The CIMA Canada Mayor's Trophy advertisement (same ad as above) was displayed at each of Royal Bank of Canada's 52 branches in the Greater Toronto region for four weeks in June.
  • The CIMA Canada Mayor's Trophy advertisement (same ad as above) was displayed at select Subway and bus stations in the Greater Toronto region.
  • The CIMA Canada Mayor's Trophy advertisement (same ad as above) was displayed at all of Toronto's public libraries and community centre
  • CIMA Canada Mayor team - UK Tour receives extensive media coverage

Memories from the day:

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