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Growing Management Accounting Knowledge

Centre of Excellence - Southern Africa

At CIMA we know the only way to support and grow the accounting profession and build knowledge about management accounting best practices is to invest deeply and diligently into creating opportunities for research.

For more information on how to apply for research grants, please contact CIMA on:

T. +27 11788 8723

What is the CIMA Centre of Excellence?

The CIMA Centre of Excellence (COE) is devoted to funding accounting research on the continent. The output of this innovation research centre will include accounting research papers and local and regional material that will position CIMA as the experts in the field of management accounting, both regionally and globally.

CIMA COE is a collaborative project with universities, the public sector and key industry players. The objective of the CIMA COE is to establish a mechanism to support and grow new applied research relating to management accounting in Southern Africa to satisfy industry needs. 

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As a Recognised Controlling Body (RCB) for SARS, CIMA is required to regulate South African members and students providing taxation services in terms of Section 240 of the Tax Administration Act (2011), with operational effect from 1 July 2013.

To this effect, CIMA members and CIMA students (who have successfully completed the Certificate in Business Accounting (CBA) are now eligible to provide tax services.

Find more information on registering as a Tax Practitioner through CIMA:

Tax Practitioner

Access the CPD requirements and the 2018 annual subscription package:

CPD requirements

Access the tax compliance record sheet:

Tax Compliance

Access more information on applying for a PR number:

Applying for a PR number

CIMA acknowledges the need for the provision of information regarding our members’ role and function as Commissioners of Oaths in the public sector. 

We have therefore prepared a brief guide which will enable members to utilise and understand this vital role.

Brief Guide

Members in practice (MiPs) are chartered management accountants in professional practice who provide accounting services to all types of businesses, but are not direct employees of those businesses.

More information can be found on our MiPs page:

About MiPs

The CIMA CFO Programme is an exclusive programme offered to Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and senior management who wish to enhance their professional standing through CIMA.

As part of this fast track programme, successful candidates will attend four mandatory revision workshops and sit only the last paper of the CIMA Professional Qualification. 

With successful completion of this paper and the relevant work experience, the candidates will qualify for CIMA membership and earn the professional global designation of Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) conferred by CIMA and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

 CIMA CFO Programme

How to activate your route to CGMA Designation?

1. Submit a detailed CV, your SAICA CA (SA) certificate and you SAICA Letter of Good Standing (a current paid-up member) to
2. Allow 4-6 weeks to receive a response. 
3. Upon approval, you will be eligible to register for CIMA study.

Under the MPA, you might fall into one of the two categories below: 
1. SAICA members’ who are in the 3-9 years’ experience track must write E3 and Strategic Case Study (SCS). The costs below assume that you take both exams in 2017.   
2. SAICA members’ who are in the 10+ years’ experience track must write Strategic Case Study (SCS). Your CIMA-UK related costs will include registration, exemption and SCS exam fee. 

Important dates to note for 2017

 Pre-seen  SCS out  IBTC Toolkit published (case  study  analysis used in class)  SCS Exam  registration  deadline  SCS  Exam  Dates 
 6 Oct  16-20 Oct  7 Nov
 21-25 Nov 


  ORIENTATION DAY   Tracks 1 & 2
  (9am-12pm) Sandton   19 August 2017
 TRACK 1  E3  Classes  E3 Exam  Timelines
 (9am-  5pm)Sandton  E3  class  E3  class  E3  class  E3  class  E3  exam  E3  exam
 26 Aug  27 Aug  2 Sep  3 Sep  16 Sep  23 Sep
 TRACK 2  Revision Classes  Integrated Case Study Classes
 (9am-  5pm)Sandton  E3  revision  class  P3  revision  class  F3  revision  class  ICS  Day  1  ICS    Day  2  ICS    Day    3  ICS  Day  4
 30 Sep  7 Oct  14 Oct  28   Oct  29   Oct  11   Nov  12   Nov

Costs for 2017

 Track 1:
 (E3 only which  articulates  into Track 2)
E3 Textbook
E3 Classes (4 full day classes)
5 x E3 Progress Tests
1 x E3 Mock Exam
All CIMA UK-related costs for first time registration only*
Programme Management Support
CIMA Support
 R20,000.00  excluding VAT
 Track 2  E3, P3 and F3 Textbooks
 E3, P3 and F3 revision classes
 E3, P3, F3  Progress Tests
 E3, P3, F3 case study tasks
 Workbook Toolkit (real case  study  analysis)
 Strategic Case Study  weekends  (4  classes/days)
 3 mock exams
 All CIMA UK-related costs
 Programme Management Support
CIMA Support
 R40,000  excluding VAT
 Total cost for Track 1 (where both exams are sat in 2017) = R60,000.00 excluding VAT

* Where you have been a student before and have lapsed, you will have to first re-activate your existing CIMA account.

 Track 2:
 (Strategic Case  Study only)
E3, P3 and F3 Textbooks
E3, P3 and F3 revision classes
E3, P3, F3  Progress Tests
E3, P3, F3 case study tasks
Workbook Toolkit (real case study analysis)
Strategic Case Study weekends (4 classes/days)
3 mock exams
All CIMA UK-related costs for first time registration only*
Programme Management Support
CIMA Support
R45,000.00 excluding VAT

* Where you have been a student before and have lapsed, you will have to first re-activate your existing CIMA account.

“Member” means any individual who has met the membership requirements of either SAICA or CIMA/CGMA and is reflected as an active member in either Party’s register.

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The Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation is powered by AICPA (the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) and CIMA, two of the world’s leading accounting organisations.

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