Advance notice: MyCIMA will be unavailable 19–23 April.
Please be aware that as of Monday 3rd April 2023 the ability to register as a new CIMA Candidate or re-activate your CIMA account has been suspended and will not be available until Tuesday 3rd May.
There will be a scheduled maintenance on Saturday, 1st of April at 17:30 BST to Sunday, 2nd of April at 9:00 BST. Users can still access MyCIMA to schedule or start an Exam but other MyCIMA services will not be available. Users will not be able access Study Planner, CGMA Store,, and Competency and Learning. In the meantime, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.



With the rapidly changing situation and seriousness of COVID-19 we have decided to cancel all face to face events until further notice. The health and safety of all our members, students and staff is our primary concern and priority, therefore, we have been following the advice provided by the Government and the World Health Organisation.

What's happening in 2020?

Upcoming conferences and events

With the rapidly changing situation and seriousness of COVID-19, we want to protect the health and well-being of our members, students and staff. We are taking necessary precautions by offering flexible attendance options, such as virtual attendance, where we can. Please monitor the website closely, for updates relating to specific events as there may be some cancellations or rescheduling. We are monitoring the coronavirus situation closely and we will notify attendees if we need to change our plans.


Our Africa events team will be looking to deliver as many of the planned events as possible virtually to ensure that you can still keep up to date with your CPD and details will be shared in due course. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated.


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All booking forms should be returned to the email address as it appears on the invitation, with proof of payment unless the event is free.

  1. For enquiries about the most recent status of bookings for, or the cost for an event, email with the name of the event in the subject line. Failing to name the event in the subject line may delay the processing of your enquiry or booking. 
  2. Using any other email address other than that stated on the invite may mean that your booking request is not processed.
  3. Ensure that you supply a daytime telephone number and an active email address. Failing to do so may cause delays in correspondence and difficulty in processing your request and sending confirmations.
  4. Bookings received after the closing date, as per the invite, cannot be guaranteed.
  1. We endeavour to help as many delegates attend as possible. In the event that you require a tax invoice before payment, please note that your booking will be recorded, and payment becomes mandatory once a request has been received. 
  2. All requests for tax invoices should be submitted 10 working days before the closing date.
  3. To secure your seat in popular events, it may therefore be advisable to pay by EFT or credit card, request the invoice and then claim reimbursement from your company.
  4. Please note, once a tax invoice is issued, CIMA will not accept any cancellations of any of the mentioned guests in the booking form. CIMA reserves the right to hold the delegate or individual and or company liable for payment whether the delegate intends to attend the event or not.

For more information please contact

  1. Bookings must be accompanied by proof of payment. In such cases where no payment is required for an event this condition falls away.
  2. While electronic bank notifications are accepted, to expedite the processing of these payments the delegate surname and abbreviated course name should appear in the beneficiary reference.
  3. Payment for bookings shall be made by the RSVP date as it appears on the invite. No bookings will be confirmed after this date if proof of payment has not been received.
  4. Only delegates who have paid will be allowed to attend the event. Any delegate who has not paid will be asked to pay before entering the venue, in which case only cash will be accepted. 
  5. CIMA reserves the right to cancel unpaid reservations where there is high demand and in favour of those delegates who have already supplied proof of payment with booking.

Please contact for more information.

  1. No booking will be confirmed unless the attendee has received a confirmation from CIMA. If no confirmation has been received until five days before an event, it is the responsibility of the delegate to contact the relevant CIMA office and follow-up on the booking. 
  2. All delegates should receive a booking confirmation within 24 hours after they have emailed a completed booking form, provided that they have emailed it to the correct email address as per the invitation.

If you have not received a confirmation email, please contact

  1. In the event where an attendee has paid and booked for an event and can no longer attend, a written substitution will be considered. Emails to confirm a substitution should be sent no later than 72 hours before an event. No telephonic substitutions will be accepted.

Please email written substitutions to

  1. Unpaid bookings, excluding instances where a tax invoice has been requested, may be cancelled by CIMA to make way for paying delegates, confirmation of booking notices will be issued 48 hours prior to an event and after bookings have closed. Except in the event that bookings close early due to high demand; in this case, once all payments are received, booking confirmations may be issued earlier.
  2. Cancellations received within 10 days before the event, will be accepted, except where a tax invoice has been requested. Refunds will be processed 10 working days after the refund form has been received and completed correctly. Any cancellations received five days before an event is subject to a 50% penalty fee. Cancellations received after five working days before an event is subject to 100% penalty fee. CIMA has a zero tolerance policy on cancellations.
  3. Individuals shall be entitled to receive a refund in circumstances where 
    there was an overbooking by CIMA
    or the event was cancelled
  4. In the event where a course is attended via webinar or teleconference and the individual was not able to connect, due to an isolated connectivity or technical reason, CIMA will not be liable and will therefore not issue a refund. 

Please submit all cancellations to