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Why was the CGMA designation launched?

Uncertain economic times threaten to stifle business. Business leaders need people with new skills to break through.

There is an unmet need and exciting opportunity for skilled people who can bridge the gap between business, strategy and finance. The CGMA designation is a global management accounting designation that demonstrates the skillset needed to meet these challenges and drive sustainable success for organisations around the world.

Is the CGMA designation available to tax professionals?

The CGMA designation is open to everybody once they complete either the AICPA or CIMA qualifications. Find out how to become a CGMA designation holder.

Is there a section on that can be accessed if you are not eligible for the designation?

The website is open to everyone but premium content is only accessible to CGMA designation holders.

Is the CGMA designation connected to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)?

CIMA students are required to have a thorough understanding of the major IFRS, to be able to apply them correctly in various scenarios. IFRS are regularly examined within the financial pillar of the CIMA syllabus.

Will resources be available for different-sized businesses and different industries?

CIMA and the AICPA make available high quality, thought provoking and applicable management accounting thought leadership, research and publications that suit members' needs, including industry-specific topics, where applicable.

Is the US Uniform CPA Examination the equivalent to the CIMA papers in testing the breadth and depth of a candidate's knowledge?

The CIMA and AICPA routes are very similar when you compare the education, experience and examination requirements. The CGMA designation is based upon admission by competence and experience.

What are the continuing professional development (CPD) requirements for maintaining the CGMA designation?

CIMA members continue to follow the existing CIMA CPD policy and AICPA members do likewise.

Does becoming a CGMA designation holder make it easier to get a work permit for the US?

No. Anyone wanting to work in America would have to follow the normal US immigration procedures.

Which website do I go for my CPD and thought leadership needs?

The AICPA | CIMA Competency and Learning website is the professional learning and development destination for CGMA designation holders and empowers you to take control of your career development to discover and learn new skills when, where and how you want. All CIMA members are required to undertake CPD and keep a record of their development activities. Find out more.

The CGMA website has research and insights to challenge your thinking and keep you at the forefront of your profession.

How does the CGMA designation compare to other management accounting designations (ie the CMA)?

The CGMA designation is underpinned by both the CIMA and AICPA qualification and so compares favourably with any other qualification in the world. By combining the memberships, the CGMA designation will be known as the most valued and globally recognised management accounting designation.

Is this the precursor to a merger between CIMA and AICPA?

This is a joint venture between two of the world's largest and most prestigious accounting organisations. It is not a merger and that isn't part of the current plan.

What does the success of the CGMA designation look like for CIMA?

CIMA's aim is to promote the science of management accountancy on a truly international scale. The joint venture allows us to promote management accountancy with the backing of the largest accountancy organisation in the US - the AICPA.

The aim is for CGMA designation holders to drive sustainable successful businesses and to be thought of as trusted business strategists. CGMA designation holders will produce better managed companies, which leads to better investment opportunities and decisions, resulting in better community benefits, all of which is underpinned by CGMA designation holders influencing government policy at both a local and global level.

Will the AICPA and/or CIMA consider adding other accounting bodies to the CGMA designation program in the future?

There are no plans at present for this but if the joint venture is successful, other options, including partnerships with other accounting bodies, could be considered in the future.

Does the AICPA-CIMA joint venture allow for any joint volunteer committees?

The AICPA/CIMA Joint Venture Board has been established and is responsible for the designation. No new committees or boards are expected.

Does the AICPA-CIMA joint venture have any impact on existing volunteer committees?

There will be a new board overseeing the CGMA designation and no new boards are planned at present. Both bodies will continue to have their own governance structures which will remain the same.

I have a complaint about a CGMA designation holder – where do I go and who administers this?

In the first instance, you should go to the issuing institute of the member. In the US, you should go to the AICPA and in the rest of the world go to CIMA. There will be a section on the website where anyone can submit a complaint about a CGMA designation holder. This complaint will be dealt with by the issuing institute of the CGMA designation holder.

Can I be stripped of my CGMA designation?

Yes, CIMA members cannot use the letters CGMA or ACMA if they a) failed to pay their subscription, b) have their designations removed due to disciplinary action by CIMA.

Are AICPA and CIMA members now automatically invited to each other's events?

Events for CGMA designation holders will be listed on the website and all CGMA designation holders, will be welcome to attend. If an event is not listed on, you can contact the local event organiser for further details.

What is the AICPA's and CIMA's investment in the joint venture and CGMA designation?

There are associated costs of developing the CGMA designation. These are being kept to a minimum and will not result in an increase in membership fees. Every year CIMA undertakes new initiatives to help support its members and promote management accountancy. This joint venture is just such an activity.

I already have a management accounting credential from another organisation - am I eligible for the CGMA designation?


At present if you wish to become a CGMA designation holder, then you would need to join either CIMA or AICPA. Visit the respective websites to find out which membership options are available to you.

I am a US CPA as well as an F/ACMA through CIMA. How do I go about obtaining the CGMA designation?

As a member of both organisations, you are entitled to the CGMA designation from both organisations.

Are CIMA members eligible to take the US Uniform CPA Examination?

CIMA members are welcome to pursue the US CPA if they wish. Those who wish to pursue the US CPA will need to meet the education, examination (the US Uniform CPA Examination), experience and continuing education and ethics requirements required by a US State Board of Accountancy. Please review the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy website for information about the US Uniform CPA Examination and CPA licensure.

Are CIMA members residing in the US be required to become AICPA members to obtain the CGMA designation?

No. They remain CIMA members and obtain their CGMA designation through CIMA.

Can I still use my current letters?

The ACMA/FCMA designations continue to be recognised globally and can still be used by CIMA members.

Is there an equivalent grade to FCMA for the CGMA designation?

There is only one grade of CGMA designation. Your FCMA relates to your relationship with CIMA and has no bearing on your relationship with the joint venture.

AICPA members were previously exempt from the first five papers within the CIMA syllabus program. How can they now earn a full management accounting qualification?

In the past, CIMA only awarded exemptions based on academic qualifications. The new CGMA designation also recognises the experience that AICPA members who have worked in business have. The CGMA designation is based upon admission by competence and experience.

Will my letters ACMA be in existence in five years' time?

Yes. This would only change if CIMA members voted to change them.