Benefits and support for MiPs

CIMA offers many benefits to help members working in practice:

Act as a reporting accountant

As a practising certificate holder you may act, in certain instances, as a reporting accountant. A reporting accountant compiles financial reports on small companies as an alternative to audited annual accounts.

The facility is open to companies, by minuted decision of their directors, which do not exceed the annual turnover threshold.

Advice lines

CIMA offers helplines and support for legal queries, ethical dilemmas and whistleblowing. Law Express also provide an information portal with free to download legal guidance.

Business support helpline

CIMA provides a business support helpline for members in practice to help them with business legal issues. Find out more

CIMA’s online database of registered practising accountants

To help clients find a suitable practising accountant, CIMA has set up a database of registered members in practice to help clients find a suitable CIMA practising accountant in their local area. Having your practice details listed on this database can help promote your services, attract new clients and set you apart from non professionally qualified accountants.

CIMA practising certificate

Your CIMA practising certificate shows your clients that you have been awarded a certificate of competency to practice. It assures your clients that your skills, experience, and professional conduct meet CIMA’s high standards.

Free anti-money laundering / counter terrorist financing (AML/CTF) course

Money laundering is an area of risk for CIMA members in practice as there are a number of criminal offences you could be charged with so it is important to be vigilant. CIMA offers a free online AML/CTF course to its members in practice.  

Printable leaflet

MiPs can use the CIMA professional working in practice leaflet as a promotional tool for their practice. 

Support and guidance

CIMA’s members in practice panel (MiP panel) is a dedicated group of established practising members. Based upon their experience, they can offer you advice and guidance on a wide range of practice issues. 

Use of CIMA’s practising certificate holder logo

CIMA is a globally recognised brand that extends an image of professionalism, competence and trust in its members. As a CIMA member in practice you may use the specially designed CIMA members in practice logo on your business stationery. 

Your association with the CIMA brand on your business cards and website will instil confidence in potential and current clients and help boost your business. Details on how to access the logo are emailed to members upon the awarding of a practising certificate.

Active MiP's can access the practising certificate holders (PCH) logo in their MyCIMA account.

Workshops and Networking

Keeping up to date with current issues concerning working in practice is vital. As a registered CIMA member in practice you have access to many CIMA events.