Renewing member in practice status

All members in practice are required to provide confirmation of compliance with CIMA’s mandatory requirements by annual renewal of member in practice status.

CIMA charter crestMembers must confirm compliance with CIMA and external regulations by submitting professional indemnity insurance (PII) and continuity partner details, and confirming that written terms of engagement and complaints handling procedures are in place. Members must also confirm compliance with CIMA's guidance on ethical conduct and anti-money laundering regulations.

CIMA conducts quality checks on all mandatory requirement documents and copies must be submitted to CIMA upon request

All members wishing to renew their member in practice status are required to pay the current member in practice fee. 

CIMA is aware that circumstances change. To ensure that only registered and monitored members in practice hold a valid practising certificate.

Practising certificates are only valid for one year. A replacement practising certificate will be re-issued following your annual member in practice renewal is completed. 

Documents to be uploaded

Professional indemnity insurance (PII): you must upload an electronic copy of your PII cover as part of your renewal. If you do not have your cover in electronic format then you should contact your PII provider, who may be able to supply a copy. If you only have your PII details in paper format please scan it and upload it.

CIMA conducts checks to ensure PII is up to date. If a policy is renewed in between renewal please ensure the PII details are updated: see PII guidance

Anti money laundering compliance (AML): it is a legal requirement for all external practicing accountants to be monitored for AML compliance. It is mandatory that a completed AML/CTF return is uploaded as part of renewal. See more information and the AML/CTF return.

Please note, documents can only be uploaded in Word, PDF and Excel format (no larger than 4MB). Problems encountered when uploading documents may be due to an incompatible format or because the file is too large.

How to renew

Member in practice annual renewal is available through MY CIMA. Before starting the application it is advisable to have completed all the preliminary preparation as outlined on this page.

See the applications and assessment page for details of the process. Note that it is not necessary to submit a record of work experience when reregistering, and so that screen will not be presented.