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CPD regulations effective 1 March 2020

CPD Regulations - effective 1 March 2020

CIMA's regulations governing CPD have been updated and are effective from 1 March 2020. More information on the changes can be found below. Should you have further queries please email

CPD regulations effective from 1 March 2020

13. CIMA professional development ('CPD') is a mandatory condition of membership of the Institute.  Members must comply with, CIMA’s guidance on CPD in the Members Handbook (the CPD Guidelines) in force from time to time.

14. CPD compliance is based on trust and while CIMA offers support to members, it is the responsibility of members to assess their development goals and needs, select the most appropriate activities, and design their CPD programmes in accordance with the CPD Guidelines.

15. A sample of members' CPD records will be selected each year for verification. This selection may be weighted to include an appropriate proportion of members having high levels of responsibility, including direct contact with the public.

16. Members selected for monitoring will be asked to demonstrate that they have undertaken CPD relevant to their role, and will be required to provide their records by a date specified by the Institute (the specified date).

17. The Institute may grant an extension of time for compliance with the CPD requirements under this part of the Regulations (the CPD requirements) or waive the requirement for monitoring and/or require such further evidence of compliance from Members as it sees fit.

18. By renewing their membership each year members thereby declare that they have undertaken CPD in accordance with the CPD requirements.  Any Member who is found to have made a false declaration in any application for renewal may in addition to any action taken under Regulation 18A below be referred to the Institute’s Investigation Committee for consideration of further disciplinary action.

18A. Any Member who fails to provide adequate records of CPD undertaken in accordance with the CPD requirements by the specified date will be subject to the following disciplinary action (the Fixed Penalty Scheme):

i.  for a first CPD breach, a fixed penalty of £100 or local equivalent;

ii. for a second CPD breach, a fixed penalty of £250 or local equivalent and a reprimand;

iii. for a third CPD breach, referral to the Institute’s Investigation Committee for consideration of further disciplinary action;

iv. Failure to pay any fixed penalty under the Fixed Penalty Scheme within 56 days of the date of sending the demand for payment to the Member will     result in referral to CIMA’s Investigation Committee for consideration of further disciplinary action.

Why have the regulations been updated?

All CIMA members are required to undertake CPD and keep a record of their development activities. Every year a random selection of members’ CPD records are monitored to ensure standards are maintained. Only those members notified by post or email are required to submit their records for monitoring.

In the past CIMA has sometimes found it difficult to take swift or effective steps to deal with the small number of non-compliant members. The changes to the regulations around CPD monitoring are designed to streamline and strengthen CIMA’s regulatory powers, enabling us to give better support to the great majority of members who work within the requirements.   

Members who do not comply with CPD requirements may fall below the high standards of professional competency expected by CIMA. For members to retain the confidence of the public and for the reputation of the profession it is vital that CIMA has regulatory processes that are fit for purpose.   

Were members consulted on the changes?

Yes. CIMA’s Professional Standards Committee and Lifelong Learning Committee were consulted and agreed the changes. The changes were then ratified by CIMA Council.

The Professional Standards Committee, Lifelong Learning Committee and Council are made up of elected CIMA members. 

How will I know if I have been selected for CPD monitoring?

Members who are selected for CPD monitoring will be notified by letter and receive a follow up email. Please ensure your contact details are up to date. You can update your details by logging into your MyCIMA account. 

What does CIMA consider an ‘adequate’ record?

CIMA considers a record to be adequate when the member has used the My Learning section of the Competency and Learning website. The Competency and Learning website has been built around the CPD Cycle and allows you to identify your learning needs, track your progress and, if selected, submit your record to CIMA for monitoring. 

For more information on CIMA's CPD monitoring requirements visit Dedicated staff are also available to help you through your CPD requirements at

I work for an accredited employer, how will it affect me?

If you work for a Premier Partner or CIMA Development Quality Partner you can use your appraisal/personal development plan to record your CPD and, if selected for CPD monitoring, you may not need to submit your record for assessment.

A list of CPD accredited employers is listed on our website. If your employer isn’t listed, and you still believe that they are accredited, please let us know.

What if I am unable to submit my CPD record when requested?

Get in touch with us as soon as possible. Where you cannot submit your CPD record for monitoring for any reason, Professional Standards will review the circumstances on a case by case basis and grant an exemption or extension where justified. 

What is meant by a false declaration under Regulation 18?

When renewing your membership each year you are declaring that you will comply with the Royal Charter, Byelaws and Regulations and have undertaken professional development in accordance with Part 1 / 13-18 of the Royal Charter, Byelaws and Regulations.

Under the Institutes Byelaws CIMA may terminate membership where a member is found to have made a misleading or false statement in connection with admission to membership.

Why have financial penalties been introduced?

Members who do not comply with CIMA’s regulatory requirements pose a risk to the public and the profession. To strengthen CIMA’s regulatory processes governing CPD monitoring financial penalties have been introduced.

Members who comply with the CPD requirements and submit their CPD when requested within the specified timeframe will not be subject to financial penalties.

What is meant by a CPD breach under Regulation 18A?

CIMA will continue to offer guidance and support to help members through the CPD monitoring process. Members who submit their CPD record to CIMA as per the requirements will not be in breach of the regulations.

Members will be in breach of the regulations where they fail to submit an adequate CPD record to CIMA.

A first breach of the regulations will occur where the member has been formally notified to submit their CPD for monitoring by a specified date but has failed to submit despite follow up requests from CIMA. In this case, the member will be required to pay a fixed penalty of £100 (or local equivalent).

Following a first CPD breach the member will be given 56 days of the date of sending to submit their CPD and pay the financial penalty. Paying the financial penalty does not remove the requirement to submit a CPD record to CIMA. 

A second breach of the regulations will occur where a member has failed to provide their CPD record for a second time but has paid the £100 or local equivalent financial penalty within the 56 days. CIMA will automatically select the member to submit their CPD record for the next monitoring period. The member will again be given 14 working days to submit their CPD record and will have to pay a financial penalty of £250 (or local equivalent) within 56 days.

A third breach is where a member has on a third occasion failed to submit their CPD record by the specified date, they will be referred to the Institute's Investigation Committee for consideration of further disciplinary action. 

Members who do not pay a financial penalty within 56 days of notification (whether it is a first or second breach) will be referred to CIMA's Investigation Committee. 

What if I am unable to pay the penalty?

The simplest method of avoiding a financial penalty is to submit your CPD record to CIMA when requested.

Members who are unemployed may be eligible for an exemption from CPD monitoring. In such cases please contact CIMA as soon as you recieve your CPD monitoring notification to explain the circumstances.

Does paying the financial penalty remove the need to submit my CPD record for monitoring?

No. Undertaking CPD and submitting it to CIMA upon request for monitoring is a mandatory requirement of membership. Any member that has been issued a financial penalty must also submit their CPD to CIMA for monitoring.

Can I appeal?

Undertaking and recording CPD is a fundamental condition of continuing membership. The cost to CIMA of monitoring and enforcing compliance with the CPD Regulations is significant.  If you have not complied with the CPD Regulation and are selected for monitoring, you should contact us as soon as possible to explain the circumstances. If you do not and a financial penalty is imposed, you must pay the penalty and submit your CPD as soon as possible (and in any event within 14 days of notification for the CPD and 56 days for the financial penalty). 

If you choose not to do so, you will be referred to CIMA’s Investigation Committee. You will be entitled to explain your non-compliance to the Investigation Committee, who have a range of powers including referral to the Disciplinary Committee. In serious cases of misconduct, the Disciplinary Committee can expel a member from membership. Decisions of the Investigation and Disciplinary Committee can in certain circumstances be appealed to the Appeals Panel.

What action should I take now?

Continue to undertake and record your CPD as usual. Members who are selected for CPD monitoring are required to submit their record to CIMA through the Competency and Learning website. If you haven’t started using it yet, please familiarise yourself with the My Learning section of the website and start using it to record your CPD now.

Members who are selected for CPD will be notified by letter and email. Please ensure your contact details are up to date so that you don't inadvertently end up on a list of members in breach of the regulations.