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CIMA professional development - regulations

All members must undertake CIMA professional development (CPD) in accordance with Regulations Part I, 13-18.

Further guidance on how to meet the CPD requirements can be found in CIMA’s CPD monitoring area.  

13. CIMA professional development ('CPD') is a mandatory condition of membership of the Institute.  Members must comply with, CIMA’s guidance on CPD in the Members Handbook (the CPD Guidelines) in force from time to time.

14. CPD compliance is based on trust and while CIMA offers support to members, it is the responsibility of members to assess their development goals and needs, select the most appropriate activities, and design their CPD programmes in accordance with the CPD Guidelines.

15. A sample of members' CPD records will be selected each year for verification. This selection may be weighted to include an appropriate proportion of members having high levels of responsibility, including direct contact with the public.

16. Members selected for monitoring will be asked to demonstrate that they have undertaken CPD relevant to their role, and will be required to provide their records by a date specified by the Institute (the specified date).

17. The Institute may grant an extension of time for compliance with the CPD requirements under this part of the Regulations (the CPD requirements) or waive the requirement for monitoring and/or require such further evidence of compliance from Members as it sees fit.

18. By renewing their membership each year members thereby declare that they have undertaken CPD in accordance with the CPD requirements.  Any Member who is found to have made a false declaration in any application for renewal may in addition to any action taken under Regulation 18A below be referred to the Institute’s Investigation Committee for consideration of further disciplinary action.

18A. Any Member who fails to provide adequate records of CPD undertaken in accordance with the CPD requirements by the specified date will be subject to the following disciplinary action (the Fixed Penalty Scheme):

i.  for a first CPD breach, a fixed penalty of £100 or local equivalent;

ii. for a second CPD breach, a fixed penalty of £250 or local equivalent and a reprimand;

iii. for a third CPD breach, referral to the Institute’s Disciplinary Committee for consideration of further disciplinary action;

iv. Failure to pay any fixed penalty under the Fixed Penalty Scheme within 56 days of the date of sending the demand for payment to the Member will result in referral to CIMA’s Disciplinary Committee for consideration of further disciplinary action.