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CIMA's AML/CTF annual return

CIMA has a legal requirement to monitor how its members comply with their AML/CTF obligations and to take measures to secure compliance.

CIMA charter crestMembers in practice must complete CIMA's anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing annual return as part of member in practice application and renewal.

The annual return enables CIMA to understand how members are complying with their obligations.

Members who are supervised by another AML/CTF supervisor need only complete the first section of the annual return to inform us who their supervisor is. 

Guidance on completing the annual return

Please access the latest CIMA AML/CTF annual return for 2019 / 2020 via your MyCIMA account.

AML/CTF Annual Return - New Applications

AML/CTF Annual Return - MiP Renewals

The submission of an old annual return document will not be accepted and you will be contacted to resubmit the correct version. Re-submitting the previous years’ completed annual return will also not be accepted, as CIMA needs to understand any changes to your practice, clients and processes that have occurred over the last 12 months.

All questions must be answered, with elaboration provided where required. The answers and explanations given should be substantive enough to allow CIMA to gain an understanding of your practice and the AML/CTF processes you have in place.

This means it must be clear to CIMA from your submitted return that you are competent in discharging your AML/CTF obligations. Should content be deemed to be insufficient or too vague you will be contacted by CIMA's Professional Standards department to provide further information.

If you are completing the return as a new applicant who is yet to take on clients, then theoretical answers should be given (e.g. the expected nature of your practice when it commences, and what you will do when you take on clients).

Useful guidance

Financial Action Task Force (FATF) guidance on the risk-based approach for accountants

AML/CTF sector guidance