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Member FAQs

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For questions about our Association of International Certified Professional Accountants or CGMA designation, click here.

Is there a list of CIMA members?

Yes, there is an online list of members. It is only available to members and is located in MyCIMA > List of Members. You will need your MyCIMA login details to see the list.

Does CIMA have a fee arbitration scheme?

CIMA does not have a fee arbitration scheme in place and cannot get directly involved in cases or grievances between a member and/or registered student and their employer or client.

How do I handle a new client whose previous accountant is retaining client information for fee disputes?

CIMA does not become involved in disputes but you may find guidance in CIMA's Code of Ethics.

You can also contact LAW Express if you are a member requiring information about any aspect of UK law.

What is CIMA's policy on becoming incorporated? How do I set up my own business?

CIMA has no policy on whether a practice should be incorporated or not. If members wish, they may set up a practice company instead of a partnership or acting as a sole trader.

Companies House offers guidance booklets setting out all of the requirements and procedures for setting up a company.

For company formation, go to the website and search for 'company registration agents' which should bring up details of 60 or so companies that can help. Some offer off the shelf companies and some offer a company formation service. You can also look at websites and compare offerings before making contact.

When setting up as a limited company, members must ensure they go through the correct procedures with regard to the Business Names Act 1985, registering for VAT with the Inland Revenue and checking with Companies House etc

Please visit our creation and winding up of companies page for more information.

Does CIMA have guidelines for fee rates charging?

CIMA issues no fee guidelines to members in practice, nor does it become involved in fee disputes with clients. CIMA believes that the market is the best regulator of fees, as these must be agreed between the client and the member before the work is undertaken.

It is for each member in practice to determine the appropriate fees. 

Please see our code of ethics for further guidance.

Does CIMA have a consumer credit licence?

It does, but the licence does not cover the activities of members.

It is chiefly to allow CIMA to participate in the offering of a credit card under the member benefits scheme.

What do I do if someone is falsely claiming to be a CIMA member or student?

At CIMA, we take very seriously any details we receive about individuals falsely claiming CIMA membership or misrepresenting their status in any way.

This could involve individuals claiming to be members of CIMA and/or utilising the letters ACMA and FCMA after their name.

You should obtain as much information and evidence of your suspicions as possible and try to ensure that the person you suspect is indeed not a CIMA member or registered student.

Any suspicions should be put into writing along with any evidence you have obtained and emailed to or forwarded to:

Head of Professional Standards 
The Helicon
One South Place
United Kingdom

Can CIMA help me in a dispute with my employer?

CIMA does not advise or get involved in disputes between employers and employees.

You should ensure that you are complying with the CIMA code of ethics at all times. 

Further information on your rights as an employee is available from the Department of Trade and Industry and your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

For low cost advice on any aspect of UK law, members can free phone LAW Express as part of their member benefits.

The police have asked me for information about a client. What does CIMA advise?

In all cases a legal obligation - such as a request to disclose client information - overrides the requirements of our code of ethics.

You can contact LAW Express if you are a member requiring information about any aspect of UK law.

Can I use the CIMA logo to promote my services?

CIMA’s logo is only available for use by those who have an affiliation with CIMA and are so authorised to use it (such as accredited training partners or careers advisors).

No member or student is permitted to use the CIMA logo for their benefit, such as a business website or promotional stationery.

The only CIMA logo which is authorised for use in a business context is one designed specifically for CIMA members who work in practice and who have successfully been awarded a CIMA practising certificate.