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Some people the fund has helped

Here are the stories of a few people the fund has helped recently.


Nigel’s mental health condition remained undiagnosed until he was in his late forties. Up to that time, he had managed to hold down a job. Then, in a short period of time, he was declared bankrupt, suffered a breakdown and then had to cope with the death of his mother, with whom he had lived all his life. Their home, which his mother had owned and Nigel inherited, had to be sold to discharge his debts. It was at this stage that Nigel came to the CIMA Benevolent Fund, which offered him help with the deposit and advance rental on a new place to live.

For my brother, the help he receives from CIMA Benevolent Fund is the difference between living and existing.

(a benevolent fund beneficiary)


When James was forced to retire early on health grounds he had to battle for several years to obtain a pension from his former employer. During this period, the Fund supported him and his wife with a regular grant. Happily, his employer eventually agreed that he was entitled to a pension so that James no longer needs the Fund’s help. 


Ranjit, a member in Sri Lanka, found himself struggling to pay for urgent medical treatment for his young daughter when he himself had just lost his job. The Fund helped pay his daughter’s medical bills and she happily made a good recovery.  


After years of suffering physical abuse at the hands of her husband which led to his conviction and imprisonment, Alicia was advised by the police to change her name and relocate. The Fund stepped in with a grant to help her while she did this.  Alicia is now settled into a new location and new work and “feeling a lot more positive about everything”. 


When Zahra’s marriage broke down, she was left caring alone for two young children and coping with heavy debts. Then she became unemployed. At this stage, the Fund cleared her rent arrears to help her avoid eviction and offered other help to allow her time to focus on finding a new job. Happily she is now back in work. 


Rosanna, a retired member living with her husband in Sri Lanka, was diagnosed with cancer early in her retirement. She then underwent eighteen months of intensive treatment which made a considerable hole in her savings for retirement. The Fund is now making her a regular grant towards the medication she continues to need.


When a serious illness forced Anne to give up her new job after only two months it took her insurers over six months to accept her claim under her income protection policy, leaving her dependent on benefits in the meantime. The Fund helped Anne with a regular grant towards her everyday expenses over this difficult period.

I will never forget what the Benevolent Fund has done for us and will always donate to help others, as others have done for my family.

(a benevolent fund beneficiary)