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We must support people to thrive in the new normal

Recent news that UK job losses rose at the fastest rate since records began, coupled with the biggest rise in unemployment in over a decade, show the devastating effects the pandemic has had on jobs and businesses. With further restrictions likely to be imposed over the winter months, we must brace ourselves for further disruption. Read more.

Growth culture is key for recovery

The Government’s new measures to boost employment opportunities in the post-Covid-19 economy are to be welcomed, and will help transform our skills system for the better. However we must not solely focus on changing policies to be successful, we must also put great emphasis on changing employee’s mindset when it comes to addressing some of the systemic issues exacerbated by the pandemic (e.g. UK’s faltering productivity, widening skills gap and failing social mobility). Read more.

Popular Resources

How to optimise your supply chains

The pandemic is revealing major business vulnerabilities. Ask yourself these questions to build more resilient, shockproof supply chains. Read more.

How to redefine and reimagine your business model

Focus on core activities through the lens of innovation. Adding value may require changes to business operations. Here’s how to move forward. Read more.

How to get your finances in order: A firm foundation

No matter what business you’re in, you need to get your finances in order. Establish a firm foundation by addressing these issues.

How to get your finances in order: Building for the future

To get your finances in order, establishing a firm foundation is only the beginning. Your next step is learning what questions to ask.

6 UK government resources your business can use

Government aid can be an important part of your business’ post-COVID recovery. If you’re in the UK, here are some options you can use.

3 tools for bringing businesses out of lockdown

Even once the pandemic end there’s no going back to the way things were. Use these resources to prepare organisations for the new normal.

3 practices to successfully lead during difficult times

There are many ways to lead, and organisations and circumstances call for different approaches. Here are three practices to fine-tune your style.

Lead with mental health in mind during the COVID-19 pandemic

Preventing the spread of coronavirus is crucial, but so is preserving the mental health and well-being of our team members. Follow these tips to help.

Video | Coronavirus affects business health, too

How do you navigate the accounting and finance implications of the coronavirus pandemic? Hear experts weigh in and answer previously submitted questions in this recorded Facebook Live session. Watch now.

Video | COVID-19: Business Planning and Impacts

Finance has an important role to play in helping their organizations manage the uncertainly of COVID-19. The Association's Ash Noah, CPA, CGMA, FCMA and Oracle's Christina Kite discuss critical issues and make practical suggestions. Watch now.

COVID-19: How to reopen and keep employees safe

As economies are reopening, businesses in Asia Pacific offer first lessons on how to keep employees safe.

CIMA 20 Point Plan for Recovery

CFO Professional Judgment in Volatile and Uncertain Times

Help for CIMA members during the coronavirus outbreak

Here together: Help for CIMA Members and Students by Irene Teng, EVP Global Markets

Building resilient supply chains

Data security and privacy practices for remote workers

Employment Law & COVID-19

CIMA calls on the UK Government to help small businesses and the self-employed through COVID-19

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Business Resilience: Tools for preparing to reopen businesses

Reallocating priorities, creating a response plan, mapping out scenarios – here’s all you need to consider before you reopen your business and the tools to help you do it.


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