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Please be aware that as of Monday 3rd April 2023 the ability to register as a new CIMA Candidate or re-activate your CIMA account has been suspended and will not be available until Tuesday 3rd May.
There will be a scheduled maintenance on Saturday, 1st of April at 17:30 BST to Sunday, 2nd of April at 9:00 BST. Users can still access MyCIMA to schedule or start an Exam but other MyCIMA services will not be available. Users will not be able access Study Planner, CGMA Store,, and Competency and Learning. In the meantime, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Your career Member benefits

Your membership to CIMA also grants you access to the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants® (the Association), which amplifies your career and business advantage, and connects you to accounting and finance professionals in every area of practice, specialisation and industry.

The Association, representing AICPA® & CIMA, advances the global accounting and finance profession through our work on behalf of 696,000 AICPA and CIMA members, students and engaged professionals in 192 countries and territories.

Together, we are the worldwide leader on public and management accounting issues through advocacy; support for the CPA license, the CGMA® designation and specialised credentials; professional development; and thought leadership. We build trust by empowering members like you and engaged professionals with the knowledge and opportunities to be leaders in broadening prosperity for a more inclusive, sustainable and resilient future.

Your letters

The benefits of your letters.

CGMA, ACMA and FCMA are a lot more than simple letters. Your letters grant you unprecedented access to a huge range of exciting roles inside and outside of finance. They indicate that you’re part of a respected community committed to helping you pursue your professional dreams at every stage of your career. CIMA members are in demand by the biggest names in the FTSE 100 and the benefits of being appointed a CGMA designation holder are recognised by the head honchos in business.

Your value
Salary Calculator

Members get their worth.

Chartered Global Management Accountants are respected and rewarded. On the whole, that makes us a happy lot. Fifty-eight percent of all CGMAs asked say that they’re satisfied with their current salary, and things are on the up. Over the last year, salaries have increased by an average of 3%. So how does your salary compare to other CIMA members? Are you getting the recognition you deserve? Get a personalised report packed with insights and information about the latest salary trends.

Your salary insights
Association Career Hub

Find your dream job.

As a CIMA® member, you will never be short of opportunities to advance your career. The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants Global Career Hub, is the preferred choice for employers and top recruiters looking for CIMA-qualified candidates like you. Every day over 15,000 job opportunities are posted. Don’t miss out, start exploring today.

  • Upload your CV to be visible to top recruiters.
  • Sign-up for personalised job-alert emails.
  • Visit the careers advice section for the latest tips and industry news.
  • Explore the career services section to improve you appeal as a candidate.
Visit our global career hub
NEW Member-exclusive CV writing blueprints

Stand out from your competition with these CV blueprints specifically designed for you.

Access these exclusive CV writing workbooks with example CVs, checklists and tips how to write your profile, highlight key skills and achievements written and tailored for CIMA finance professionals at any stage of your career:

Early career >

Mid-career >

Senior career >

Career Advice
Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Keep your skills ever sharp

As a CGMA designation holder, you will never stop sharpening your performance. There is no limit to how good you can be or which direction you can take. CIMA requires that you continue your professional development throughout your career and track your progress on this website. Keep scrolling down to see how we also equip you with all the CPD resources you’ll need. This keeps our members in demand at every stage of their career.

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I am on the pulse. Your trends and insights.
Financial Management magazine

Never miss a beat.

Business moves fast. Blink and you’ve missed something. To keep you at the forefront of the profession, CIMA members receive free bimonthly issues of Financial Management magazine. Get the latest news, insights and opinions from the industry delivered to your doorstep. You can also get your news on-the-go with the FM online edition.

Read online
Email alerts and updates

Keep your finger on the pulse.

To follow the news as it’s happening, and to keep up with developments within the profession and our organisation, CGMA Advantage daily newsletters, CIMA Updates weekly digests are just some of the alerts available to members. Opt for the ones you want to receive by updating your member communication preferences.

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CIMA research

Broaden knowledge. Expand horizons.

As a CIMA member, you can access the latest thinking from the world’s leading management accounting association. Our research team funds academic programmes, publishes industry-leading insight and partners with organisations all over the world. It helps us learn from the best global examples of improved business performance and sustainability.

Explore research and insight
CGMA thought leadership

Understand your business inside and out.

Access a wealth of free articles and resources that cover a variety of topics to sharpen your knowledge. New topics include a guide to Business Model Framework, a toolkit for boards on Managing the Trust P&L and the latest release on Transformation in the Four T’s series.

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NEW Future of Finance series

What’s next?

The influence of emerging technology is having a dramatic effect on every industry. Established beliefs and traditional models are being turned upside down. What does all that change mean for your industry? More importantly, what does it mean for your career? We give every CIMA member access to the latest ideas, tools, thinking and resources today to prepare for tomorrow.

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NEW Podcasts and more.

Keep your ear to the ground. Podcasts, videos and livestreams ready wherever you are.

We are continuously expanding how we deliver important information and valuable content to our members. You want to stay on the pulse but have no time to read? Take your pick from one of 2 podcasts and listen on your commute or at your desk. With special guests from a variety of industries and topics ranging from Future of Finance to Leadership. Or are you a visual learner instead? We have a wealth of YouTube videos curated by playlists and Facebook videos waiting for you.

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I am ready. Your resources
FREE* Get the Digital Mindset Pack

Packed with content to get you future-ready, exclusively free to CIMA Members.

*Available to CIMA members free as part of their 2020 membership subscription.

To redeem:

1. Use code MINDSET21 at CGMAstore basket. The code is case-sensitive.

2. Login to CGMA store and complete checkout. Your CGMA Store login is the same as your CIMA-ID you use to log-in to MyCIMA.

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The A to F of finance resources

The A to F of finance is here to equip you with the skills you need to thrive in the rapidly disruptive world of finance.

A series of carefully curated learning resources, podcasts, thought leadership content and quizzes covering the prominent digital topics that are shaping businesses right now.

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The CGMA Store

20% off hundreds of cutting edge courses exclusively for Members.

Thought leadership, strategy, communication, risk and technology — As a membership body, we see it as our business to offer learning solutions that put our members at the forefront of the industry. The new-look CGMA Store offers cutting-edge CPD resources that offer the most advanced thinking across every area of the business.

  • All CIMA members enjoy the benefit of 20% off across all CGMA Store learning solutions.
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NEW Future Mindset

A platform with hand-picked resources to help you adapt to disruption and the new normal.

Future Mindset will point you to the skills you need to become your organisation’s transformational leader based on your career objectives and interests. Available to CIMA members free of charge as part of your 2020 membership subscription.

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Exclusive for members.

Get all the CPD requirements you need for the year saving time and money with CIMAplus. This 12 month subscription resource provides you with 2 CGMA Store courses, 5 CGMA Essentials videos, 4,000+ magazines and journals, and 1 million+ company information records for £99 +VAT.

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CGMA Essentials

Get 12 months of unlimited access to a library full of webinars.

Where are we headed? On what professional skills should you focus? A single subscription to CGMA Essentials will give you a full year of unlimited access to a library of recorded webinars and conference sessions. View recordings presented by leading subject-matter experts when and where it suits you, as many times as you want. You also will receive a monthly update sent directly to your inbox highlighting the newest additions to CGMA Essentials and helping you stay on top of the industry's leading trends and value-driving updates.

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I am trusted. Your guide to conduct
Ethics and professionalism

You can lead the way.

The CIMA Code of Ethics are the fundamental principles that mark CIMA members out as leading professionals. They are the foundations of an organisation determined to set the highest possible ethical and professional standards.

To help you lead the way, we offer CIMA members tools and resources to keep you informed and set the ground rules for every professional conduct area. For example, make the right choice when faced with a situation that conflicts with the CIMA code of ethics by using the Ethics CPD Tool.

Watch this Ethics webcast to understand the benefits of ethics and professionalism from other members, as well as what makes CGMAs stand out as the most trusted in the profession.

View our Resources
The Member’s Handbook

Your guide to everything CIMA

This is your complete guide to the laws that underpin our institution. The members’ handbook contains the laws of the institute, and guidance and procedures underpinning those laws. It ensures that professionalism, ethical behaviour and protection of the public interests remain at the core of CIMA.

What’s in the handbook
Global Management Accounting Principles

Help organisations make better decisions.

Surrounded by change and flooded with data, using the right information to make the right call has become increasingly difficult. CIMA’s Global Management Accounting Principles were created with input from business leaders all over the world. Members are well-advised to use this powerful tool to help any public or private organisation to make better decisions.

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CIMA Fellowships

Join the elite. Become a Fellow.

Once qualified as a CIMA Fellow, you become part of an elite business community distinguished by the letters FCMA. If you have already completed your CIMA exams and can demonstrate at least three years of senior, strategic or technical leadership, this rare distinction could be yours. Move in the most trusted circles and find out if you are eligible.

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I am connected. Your supporters
Your global community

Connect with the world

Amplify your career and business advantage by connecting to a global network of 650,000 members and students. Your membership to CIMA grants you membership to the Association, which is dedicated to serving you, protecting the public interest, and transforming the profession.

Through the Association we offer online and offline events happening all over the world at any given moment.

  • 667,000 members and students
  • 184 countries
  • 41 offices
  • 150K employers
Explore events
Regional events

CIMA near you

Events, local meetings and partnerships — Whenever you want to connect with the wider community, you can come to us to sharpen skills or expand your network. Or, there may be some additional benefits available to you through your regional office. Whatever you’re after, we can guide you to the right place.

View the drop-down list to find out more.


Take your learning online

If you can’t attend an event in person, don’t worry. You can choose between hundreds of relevant and useful online webinars, webcasts or Facebook live streams to further your CPD. Last year, we released 70 global webinars (24 exclusively just for members), with over 15,000 attending. See what topics speak to you.

Find out about up and coming webinars
Get social

Be part of the conversation

Your CIMA community is as active online as we are in the real world. Follow reactions, comments and discussions as they unfold on any of our social media platforms.

Join the conversation
I am supported. Your helping hand
The CIMA Benevolent Fund

Here for each other. Here for life.

The strength of our bonds can measure the value of our community. We react when times get tough. Critical illness, family problems, prolonged periods out of work are some examples. None of us are immune from misfortune. When it does strike, none of us are alone. The Benevolent Fund supports CIMA members when the worst happens. The contributions of our entire community make a critical difference to members who need our help.

Find out how you can be involved
Annual Report

What difference have we made?

We don’t see our annual report as a simple snapshot of our financial health. It means more than that. It is a statement. It makes tangible our belief that transparency and honesty are the cornerstones of our industry. Our annual report is a story. The story of how the Association of International Certified Professional Accounts, AICPA and CIMA bring more value to business, and to our members with every passing year.

Get your copy of our most recent annual report

This is how we make your voice heard.

Learn how CIMA and the Association influence critical decision-making shaping your future. Your professional membership body is here to promote the global reputation of ACMAs, FCMAs and CGMA designation holders to policymakers, regulators and politicians through our dedicated policy teams.

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Support lines and legal advice

A free, confidential support line for Members.

There might come a day when the ethical lines are blurred and the right thing to do isn’t clear. When that happens, you can fall back on our support lines. No CIMA member or student ever needs to make a tough call without some sound advice.

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Contact us

Looking to contact CIMA? Find contact details for all CIMA offices around the world