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Resources to help you keep calm and carry on through COVID-19

By Dr. Ian Selby, Vice President - Global Research and Development (Management Accounting and Innovation)

The core business issues right now are resilience, supply chain management, people management and in many ways having a “Keep Calm and Carry On philosophy, not just in business but more holistically in our daily lives. 

There are so many sources of information around; you’re likely bombarded from all sides on the socioeconomic situation in emails and websites that you access daily. This can be overwhelming and annoying. 

Information for the immediate situation is extensive, but there is a medium- and long-term perspective that businesses, and their people, need to develop even in this time of extreme flux. I trawled our research back catalogue, and I also explored some other good sources of relevant information.  

The following links should provide some medium-term stimulation on how to cope, and hopefully provide some solutions to the problems that you and your talented people and teams face right now. Look for more relevant business information and thought leadership in coming weeks. 

In the meantime: Keep Calm and Carry On. 

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