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Ace your next video conference call with these 3 skills

18 September 2019

By Mballa Mendouga – Manager, Social Responsibility & Campaigns 

Don’t let bad habits get the best of you during video conference calls. Brush up on these three skills before your next on-camera business meeting.


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Lifelong learning the key to a healthy life  

3 September 2019

By Laura Gallo, Applied Neuroscience PG Dip 

Find out more on all the positive aspects that continuous learning can bring into your life, from sustained mental clarity to all perks that come with improved cognitive ability.


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Skills to help you ace any job interview  

27 August 2019

By Mballa Mendouga, Communications — Manager, Corporation Social Responsibility & Campaigns 

Master these four human intelligence skills to help you win over any interviewer.


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8 ways you can earn CPD for free 

20 August 2019

By Anastasia Stefanidou, Associate Manager — Branded Content Strategy 

We’ve sourced a suite of online and offline resources that will help you meet your CPD requirements … free! Tip: this blog counts, too.


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CFO personal brand – why it becomes so important? 

14 August 2019

By Wojciech Wieroński FCMA, CGMA 

The importance of a CFO’s personal brand is growing. And it is more crucial than ever for CFOs to strive to deliver their personal brand promises.


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Is procrastination always bad?

7 August 2019

By Laura Gallo, Applied Neuroscience PG Dip 

Struggling with procrastination? Find out if you are you an active or passive procrastinator and how to retrain yourself in two simple ways.


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Be prepared for your CIMA exams

30 July 2019

By Rebecca McCaffry CPFA, FCMA, CGMA, Associate Technical Director - Management Accounting 

A study plan, tackling the tough subjects and feedback are the recipe for success, says a fellow CIMA student.


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What's on your reading list?

23 July 2019

By Anastasia Stefanidou, Associate Manager - Branded Content and Channels 

As holiday reading has become a competitive sport, start thinking about what’s on your summer reading list this year.

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Why fixing the U.K. skills gap can improve productivity

16 July 2019

By Andrew Harding FCMA, CGMA, Chief Executive – Management Accounting 

We need to create a highly skilled, tech-savvy workforce to boost U.K. productivity and deliver growth, but evidence suggests we’re still a long way off.

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How data science can transform your business

10 July 2019

By Jennifer Gardner, Lead Manager - Communications and Social Strategy

Get answers to your data science questions and learn how to ask your data scientist the right questions in this interview.

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A new framework for managing business is needed

03 July 2019

By Peter Spence, Associate Technical Director — Management Accounting

Read how your company can rise to the challenges to today’s ever-changing business ecosystem and learn how CIMA is exploring what pioneering companies are doing to keep up.

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Stewardship Code — is the Code review likely to improve shareholder oversight?

26 June 2019

By David Hackett, Technical Policy Manager

The new UK Stewardship Code is a positive step towards bringing more accountability and transparency for modern businesses.

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PRIDE raises sales and productivity

18 June 2019

By Anastasia Stefanidou, Associate Manager - Branded Content and Channels

In recognition of Pride month, we had a look at the correlation between workforce diversity and company financial performance and some tips on how your business can support your LGBTQIA+ workforce.

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12 podcasts you should listen to this summer

13 June 2019

By Sarah Freytag-Traut, Lead Manager – Communications and Campaigns

Never listened to a podcast or looking for inspiration for your next binge-listening session? Here are some of our top recommendations.

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Five simple cybersecurity tips for your small business

4 June 2019

By Anastasia Stefanidou, Associate Manager - Branded Content and Channels

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for organisations of all sizes in today’s digitally connected world. Here are five tips to help your business stay safe.

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Look beyond your bottom line to drive better performance

28 May 2019

By Nick Topazio, ACMA CGMA, Associate Technical Director — Management Accounting

Purpose and profit can be mutually achievable reveals the latest pulse check in the "Purpose and Profit" brief. Find out more about what is needed and also some tips to help.

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Blockchain: more than bitcoin

23 May 2019

By Anastasia Stefanidou, Associate Manager - Branded Content and Channels

While there is still a long way to go before we’re all using blockchain regularly in our daily lives, there are some already existing applications that bring us closer to this goal. Find ways you can use blockchain right now in your everyday life.

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How Integrated Reporting <IR> can benefit your organisation

15 May 2019

By Nick Topazio, ACMA CGMA, Associate Technical Director — Management Accounting

<IR> is far more than just another reporting framework; it helps organisations create value, tell their story and contribute to more efficient capital markets. Discover how <IR> can benefit your organisation.

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Beyond profits: The new role of the business

9 May 2019

By Dr. Ian Selby , Vice President - Research and Development (Management Accounting)

Management accountants help to drive trust in business. Learn more about why this intangible asset is important and how to protect it.

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Step up your password management game

2 May 2019

By Liz Rock, Associate Manager – Branded Content and Channels, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants

With identity theft becoming one of the world’s fastest growing crimes, days like World Password Day are crucial to raising awareness of online threats. How can you protect yourselves from hackers?

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How to be a better strategic business partner

23 April 2019

By Gillian Lees, Senior Director, Research & Development

Demands for providing strategic advice and guidance are rising requirements for management accountants in the digital age. So how can reading corporate stories help?

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RPA is for everyone, even you!

16 April 2019

By Rob King, Independent Advisor on RPA, Innovation and Strategic Change

Today, after years of changes and developments, robotic process automation is finally for everyone, including you. Learn about how a business of any size can begin to implement it.

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Rugby set piece or new way of working?

09 April 2019

By Nick Topazio ACMA CGMA, Associate Technical Director — Management Accounting

Agile scrum techniques are transforming the ways innovative organisations are doing business.  Find out how companies are successfully embracing this development and what they regard as the benefits of doing so.

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Get going with cost management

02 April 2019

By Peter Spence, Associate Technical Director — Management Accounting

How to get a cost management change initiative going in your business.

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Culture, engagement and happiness = productivity + profit

26 March 2019

By Rebecca McCaffry CPFA, FCMA, CGMA, Associate Technical Director — Management Accounting

We’re all familiar with the damage that can be caused by personality clashes in the workplace, but how can leaders ensure a harmonious balance between their organisation and its employees?

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The Future of Finance: How to thrive in the digital age

19 March 2019

By Ash Noah, CPA, CGMA, FCMA, Managing Director of CGMA Learning, Education and Research

Technology creates capacity in the finance function, but to capitalise on this, finance teams need to have the right skills and competencies.

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