Lifelong Learning

In today's disruptive age, it is more important than ever before to be continuously learning to keep up with the innovators. Daily self-improvement contributes to a successful professional and personal life. We're providing you resources, tips, and inspiration to help you reap the many benefits of learning.

There's more to learning than a bigger paycheck.

Did you know lifelong learning can lead to disease-free ageing? Your brain health is a key determining factor in how you well you age. To help you discover the various other 'secret' benefits of learning, neuroscience expert Laura Gallo goes into detail.

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Your learning and CPD doesn't have to cost a thing. 

Learning is everywhere. We've curated a list of recommended resources for you completely free of charge, plus they contribute to your CPD. 

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Will you begin someday or today?

We all lead busier lives than ever before, which makes putting valuable activities off like learning and development justifiable to our inner voices. But what are the consequences of procrastination to our careers and self-esteems? Learn why we procrastinate and the strategy to change.

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Digital Mindset Pack

CIMA members can begin their lifelong learning journey today, for FREE. Over 25,000 members are already benefiting. The pack will give you the mindset and strategies to leverage disruptive technologies in accounting.

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Complete the future of finance puzzle.

Once you've got the digital mindset, get the human intelligence to truly thrive in the disruptive age. With automation set to replace 40% of current accounting jobs in the near future your ability to interact, communicate and add value to other humans will be your competitive advantage over the bots.

Begin now with Human Intelligence Volume 1.

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The CGMA Mindset for a Digital Future

Learn what technologies are disrupting the finance function and why you should embrace them. Understanding how these disruptions link back to your business model. Find out if you have a fixed mindset and a growth mindset and what it means for your future.

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