Beyond Numbers

Go beyond today. Transform entire organisations and communities for what’s next. We’re ready to face the future of finance in the years ahead.

Be part of the future of finance

We live in extraordinary times, an age of innovation and acceleration bringing fundamental change to the way we live, work and interact with each other. The World Economic Forum calls it the 4th Industrial Revolution — a transformation unlike anything humankind has experienced.

And that is no more apparent than in the finance function. CIMA accountants are a new breed. Agile and adaptive, and continuously pushing past today’s skills to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges. Harnessing the power of AI, blockchain, advanced data analytics and more, going beyond numbers to make sense of the chaos around us. To disrupt disruption.

Watch our Go Beyond video to get a taste for what’s on the horizon and read our free future of finance research reports to get ahead.

Changing the shape of the finance function

An expanding mandate for finance, digital technologies and new sources of data are combining to change the shape of the finance function. 

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The changing role and mandate of finance

Discover how, enabled by new technologies, the finance function has a mandate to go beyond its core accounting role. 

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Changing competencies and mindsets

Learn about the importance of an evolving mindset and the implications for finance professionals.

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Changing technology and finance

Learn about technologies that are changing the skills of finance professionals.

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