Our Mission, Behaviours and Strategy

Our Mission, Behaviours and Strategy


Our mission statement

CIMA's mission statement

 Helping people and businesses to succeed*

*In the public and private sectors


Our goal is to establish management accounting, represented by the CGMA designation, as the most valued profession in business.

CIMA Corporate Behaviours

We have 6 Corporate Behaviours that outline the way we work, as individuals and as teams, and are key to delivering our Mission: Helping people and businesses succeed.  

Our behaviours are agreed by Council and are integral to our organization.  They will always be included at interview stage during our selection process for vacancies and form a central part of our interim and annual appraisal process.

Each of the behaviours promotes the actions associated with continuous improvement, innovation and employee engagement.

Help Others Succeed

  • Be open minded
  • Be expert
  • Ask constructive and inspiring questions

Inspire a Shared Vision

  • Be visionary about CIMA’s opportunities
  • Be inspiring and passionate about CIMA’s Strategic ambitions
  • Have a can-do attitude

Challenge the Way it’s Done

  • Challenge conventional thinking
  • Be committed to continuous improvement

Stand up and be a Role Model

  • Act with integrity
  • Be balanced: weigh CIMA’s interests against sectional ones
  • Be decisive: know the facts and CIMA’s objectives - then act
  • Take responsibility, be accountable

Promote Success

  • Be supportive
  • Recognise others’ contributions
  • Celebrate the team’s achievements

Make it Happen

  • Understand, acknowledge and set expectations
  • Respond Quickly
  • Keep it simple - don't overembellish or engineer

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