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Mastercourses course categories

Choose from our comprehensive range of more than 200 courses which are split into seven course categories.

Technical skills

These are courses that will help you apply accounting and finance skills. They include financial reporting, business planning, management reporting and analysis and tax strategy, planning and compliance. 

The technical skills courses are divided in to the following competencies: 

  • Financial accounting and reporting 
  • Cost accounting and management 
  • Business planning 
  • Management reporting and analysis 
  • Corporate finance and treasury management 
  • Risk management and internal control
  • Tax strategy, planning and control 

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Business skills

Expand your knowledge of the business and its environment. You will then be able to transform data into insight and help evaluate strategic position, performance and opportunities for the future.  

The business skills courses are divided in to the following competencies: 

  • Strategy 
  • Regulatory environment 
  • Market environment 
  • Process management 
  • Business relations 
  • Project management 

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People skills

Ensure you have the skills needed to influence decisions, actions, people and behaviour.

The people skills courses are divided into the following competencies:

  • Influence 
  • Negotiation and decision-making 
  • Communication 
  • Collaboration and partnering 

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Leadership skills

Ensure you have the skills to lead within your organisation. Our leadership skills courses are divided into the following competencies: 

  • Team building 
  • Coaching and mentoring 
  • Driving performance 
  • Motivating and inspiring 
  • Change management 

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IT skills

Practical courses to give you the skills you need to take full advantage of business software.

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Understanding finance

Courses to aid non-financial staff, at both managerial and support levels, understand financial statements and information.

This will help junior staff in finance departments contribute more confidently to their department’s work and will enable non-financial managers to use accounting information for decision-making.

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