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Webinar: Further Your Career from ACMA to FCMA

Speaker: Armajeet Hans


As a CIMA fellow you will be part of an elite group of business professionals. Find out how you can further your career at this practical and interactive session with CIMA fellow, Armajeet Hans.

There are many advantages from becoming a CIMA Fellow.  This event will cover the following:

  • Eligibility –What Is CIMA Looking For?
  • Qualities –Have I Got Any?
  • Fellowship Benefits –What’s In It For Me?
  • Opportunities –The Competitive Element
  • The Application and Assessment Processes
  • Discussion, Questions and Answers

Speaker Details:

Armajeet Hans qualified with CIMA in 1997 and became a Fellow in 2008. He was elected Area One Council Member in June 2015. Since then he has been appointed to the MIP Panel and is also an active Membership Assessor. His engagement with CIMA began in 2003 when he became UAE representative and helped to gain recognition of the CIMA qualification in the region and opened the CIMA office in Dubai in 2007. Armajeet has served as Association Board member to the Management Accounting Board since April 2017 and is now appointed Vice Chair of the new GMEC (Global Member Engagement Committee). He has a wealth of experience in a wide range of commercial activities, having worked in the UK, US, Europe and extensively in the Middle East in industries ranging from IT, to Real Estate Investment and Development. Armajeet now runs a small boutique business consultancy.

Webinar: Further Your Career from ACMA to FCMA

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Thursday 30 April 2020. 

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