14 December 2020

Effective strategies for developing and managing sustainability in a constantly changing environment


Learn to identify and lead change and enhance your skills in supporting the organisation's direction and decision making.

Who should attend?
Today’s business environment needs to be less rigid and more flexible for continued sustainability.  Driven by continuous technology advances the need to appraise the business proposition regularly is the new perspective finance professionals need to embrace.

Finance professionals who have a business imperative to identify and lead change and want to enhance their skills in supporting the organisation's direction and decision making, will benefit from attending this course.

If you are a finance professional whose organisation is under pressure and have a change management or turnaround agenda to fulfil, then the course will provide you with skills that provide greater insight into the business and enable an evidence-based dialogue to support change decisions.

We use real life case studies to learn from and discuss how different skills can be applied to best advantage.

What you will gain

  • Implement measures to stabilise the organisation and manage a change initiative from a strong position.
  • Develop skills to analyse and assess your organisations capabilities and performance in the market place.
  • Enhance your current reporting approaches to be more forward looking rather than historical analysis.
  • Enable you to create a sustainable plan of action for organisational change.
  • Deliver information about the organisation to enable informed decision making by the management team.

Programme outline
Stage one of any change programme, particularly if the organisation is struggling, is stabilising the business.   At this stage ‘Cash is King’ and beyond normal financial controls we evaluate how cash ‘leaks’ from businesses and what finance can do to stabilise the position and mitigate a downturn.

Stage two is a diagnostic assessment of where to go next in terms of market opportunity.  We introduce the tools and techniques to analyse the current situation of the organisation and its potential.  You develop skills to analyse the business effectiveness in the context of its external environment such as its relevance to customer needs and competition.

Stage three is an internal diagnosis of the assets, resources and skills the organisation currently holds and how these align to what is needed for the future. We understand the capabilities of the organisation and the internal skills and asset gaps.

Having completed the 3-stage diagnostic.  We engage with how we turn this information into action.  We establish a strategic vision and set strategic goals.   These can only be achieved if the whole organisation is aligned and so we take a more detailed look and use a technique to align and prepare the organisation for their change journey.

The 3-stage diagnostic can be embedded into regular reporting so there is a continuous review of organisational performance against the market, providing a pro-active approach to change and supporting a more flexible and dynamic business culture.

The course starts at 9.00am. Lunch and refreshments are included.
6 CPD hours (where applicable). 

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Effective strategies for developing and managing sustainability in a constantly changing environment

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