02 November 2021

Data visualisation for business decisions


The process of turning data into insights, data visualisation will give you the tools to make an impact by communicating complex information effectively and making your message clear. This course will show how.

Who should attend?
Finance, operational, and commercial managers in all sectors.

What you will gain

The rate at which businesses are able to accrue data with which to support decisions is steadily increasing.

With more data to hand, Finance Professionals and Analysts should be able to provide decision makers with an increasingly insightful understanding of the options available to them.  Decisions should therefore become quicker and easier to make.

For many businesses, however, the opposite is happening.  The time needed to work with increasingly large and diverse sets of data to understand what’s there and how it can be used is outweighing the benefits to be gained. 

This risks decision makers being guided more by gut feel and intuition than data driven evidence.

Data visualisation is becoming an essential discipline for those wanting to explore data quickly in order to find the important trends, patterns, correlations and indicators of causation.

As much an art form as it is a science it requires a ‘nose for the critical issues’ and then the ability to see into the data for relevant insights about those issues.

It is also essential when communicating results from analysis.

Infographics and visual images can tell a story much more clearly than numbers and words ever can. This helps to lift confidence in results and provide decision makers with much greater clarity about the way forward.

Within this course participants use practical hands on exercises to discover what’s involved in effective data visualisation. 

It looks at the latest methods for analysing and representing data visually, within Excel and within a range of specialist tools.

It explores how businesses can learn from the work of journalists how to employ data visualisation to reach the heart of critical issues within the world of financial and operational analytics and to influence decisions.

 Programme outline

  • Data visualisation defined
  • Using visualised data as evidence – by uncovering and illustrating causation, correlation & covariance
  • How to put data into a structure that makes it easier to manage and understand.
  • Methods for discovering trends, patterns, correlation and sources of causation.
  • Translating those discoveries into mathematical structures for use in forward looking analyses
  • Overview of data visualisation tools
  • The strengths, opportunities, perils and pitfalls of data visualisation in Excel
  • Introduction to some of the leading specialist data visualisation tools
  • Turning findings into results
  • Modelling the business decision to be made – the brief, the data, the design, the result
  • Building a visualisation brief to explain the options
  • Performing analyses to develop the potential options
  • Examples of data visualisations that have informed opinions
  • Designing with infographic building blocks to make options clear
  • Presenting results in a visual way
  • Presenting information for the greatest impact
  • Moving from static to dynamic infographics
  • Where next within the fast moving world of data visualisation.

 The course starts at 9.30am. Lunch and refreshments are included. 6 CPD hours (where applicable).

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Booking Information

Date Location Price
2 November 2021 - 09:30 Online Live Price: GBP 634.00
Member price: £571. Plus VAT on all prices.

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Data visualisation for business decisions

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