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15 July 2020

FD Development – achieving the next level mind-set


Develop and discover the skills and knowledge needed to ensure a successful transition from FD to CEO, from behaviours and management styles to working successfully with sales, marketing and operations.

Who should attend?
Why should shareholders appoint you as their CEO and what will motivate them to keep you in post?

This two-day course is about you, your personal journey and your personal development. It focuses on the areas in which you need to change in order to bridge the gap between being a senior financial professional and being the CEO: your behaviour towards the organisation, your interaction with the Board and your leadership mind-set.

The course throws you a challenge to test your readiness for working at the CEO level. It is for you if you are a:

  • senior finance executive who is preparing to move into a CEO role or wanting to develop a broader based skill set to offer your organisation
  • senior finance executive aiming to move to a CEO role and looking for insights into how you can achieve your goal
  • qualified finance individual aspiring to be a future CEO
  • senior finance individual planning to grow on a personal and business level through learning non-finance techniques and perspectives
  • current CEO wanting to reflect on your practice

What you will gain

  • develop your interpersonal skills by analysing and working on your behaviours, your mind-set and your experience: whether you need to enable your transition from FD to CEO or to maximise your potential in your existing CEO role, the key components of success are your outward behaviour to the whole organisation, your personal mind-set and your ability to gain insights from valuable experience. In this course you will develop tools and a skill set to analyse your impact and perceptions within your organisation.
  • get to grips with sales and operations: for any finance professional, moving into a new role as CEO will involve working alongside executives in the key strategic areas of sales and operations and supporting their management of their teams. The skill sets and personalities involved in these business areas are significantly different from those of a finance professional. This course gives you the knowledge of how good sales processes operate, how to observe and monitor operational processes and how to identify and understand the challenges they face. Armed with these skills you are prepared for an informed dialogue with your fellow management team executives.
  • benefit from peer to peer learning and networking: this course provides an excellent opportunity to interact and network with a professional peer group. Share experience, learn from each other’s different perspectives and take time out for personal development. The more senior you become the greater the value of external relationships in growing both your own skills and your organisation.

Programme outline
This two-day course covers three main areas:

Section 1 – Behaviour and mind-set
Section 1 of the day focuses on you and your personal skills, individual mind-set and behaviour. How others interact with you and what they value in a CEO. Through individual tasks and group working using ‘real’ scenarios you are introduced to techniques that build your personal skills and prepare you to interact, plan and observe as a CEO. This role is significantly different from a senior finance role. So this interactive session supports your development and understanding of the challenge ahead and also acts as a refresher for those already thriving as CEOs.

What do you learn?

  • How to become a more effective communicator across the organisation and at Board level through breaking down your ‘learnt’ and self-imposed boundaries.
  • Approaches to improving engagement and interaction across departments, beginning to place yourself at the next rung of the ladder.
  • Visualisation and planning techniques to understand your ‘new team’ – the Board. We will use tools to enable you to formulate a ‘team’, each position, role, objectives and their place in the organisation and on the team. This approach will also broaden your knowledge of the business and has the potential to place you in a better position to be noticed for the role of CEO.
  • The objectives and roles of the functional departments from the perspective of a CEO and how the CEO fits into the team.
  • Tips for planning ahead – how to change from your day to day perspective to concentrating on the future and monitoring information to predict it.

There are two key strategic functions that any FD moving to a CEO role must understand to a good depth to enable the CEO to control and manage the business. These two strategic areas are operations (be they production processes or service provision) and sales.

Section 2: The sales perspective
Finance and Sales teams often sit at the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to their views on business priorities. To avoid a potentially strained and ineffective relationship it is fundamental for any CEO to understand and engage with what you learn in this session. The session uses real case studies as well as teaching techniques for sales processes and sales interaction.

What do you learn?

  • The stages of the sales process, from awareness to closing a deal, and the steps in between.
  • How to monitor and measure the performance of a good sales process and what you can do to improve it.
  • How to motivate and engage a successful sales team.
  • The measures, job roles, personalities and responsibilities of an effective sales team.
  • The technique of managing a good business led by the voice of the customer, and the potential profit value to a business of listening to the customer.

Section 3. Operational and service processes
Quality, managing risk and responding to customers are the basics of a good business and close the heart of any CEO. In this section we take a ‘high level’ view of business processes, how they develop and how they can be improved. The session uses scenarios and group working to enable you to analyse a process and derive fact based information.

What do you learn?

  • How to create business processes from the customer perspective.
  • How to identify ‘quality’ led activities and identify the value of these to the business and customer.
  • Take a look at processes and appreciate the difference between pro-active and reactive steps and their impact on the organisation.
  • How to use process terminology to improve engagement and deliver change with operational and service teams.
  • The ability to question and challenge effectively in order to derive the facts and information you need to understand business risk, enabling you to put controls in place and provide the best solution to meet customer needs.
  • Understand how effective pricing works based on customer value.

The course uses engaging exercises and case studies. The time provides a perfect opportunity to network with a likeminded peer group.

The course starts at 9.30am on both days. Lunch and refreshments are included, but not accommodation. 

12 CPD hours (where applicable).

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Booking Information

Date Location Price
15 July 2020 - 09:30 London - 2 day course Price: GBP 1,054.00
Member price: £949. Plus VAT on all prices. Accommodation not included
7 December 2020 - 09:30 London - 2 day course Price: GBP 1,054.00
Member price: £949. Plus VAT on all prices. Accommodation not included

FD Development – achieving the next level mind-set

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