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Webinar: Millennials: are they still acting like they’ve landed from another planet?

Speaker: Roger Rawlinson


Join us at this event that will take a look at two generations: millenials and generation Z.

Creating a culture that engages and retains millennials. 

The Millennials are no longer a post-modern novelty: at the older end they’ve now got long term partners, kids, mortgages and a hint of middle-age spread. 

So are they still demanding, entitled, collaborative, constantly on line and like snowflakes in a climate-compromised English summer? 

This session takes a look at the march of the millennials and asks if they are still different, or just getting older.   

And as for generation Z (the next mini generation currently in secondary education), who knows what they are going to be like?  

We’ll take a look at Z as well. 

Speaker Details:

After over fifteen years as an HR Director in retail, manufacturing and health, I now work with executives and senior teams across sectors in a variety of areas, which include: improving performance, managing teams, addressing difficult people issues, managing and thriving through organisational change and preparing for promotion. I also advise on and lead organisational change programmes, provide a comprehensive HR service to SMEs and also offer mediation services. I am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, and a Master Coach, accredited with the Association for Coaching.

Webinar: Millennials: are they still acting like they’ve landed from another planet?

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Wednesday 15 April 2020. 

Start time 5.30pm 
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