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The Global Management Accounting Principles

The Global Management Accounting Principles© (GMAPs) were created for this era of business. Prepared by the AICPA and CIMA, they reflect the perspective of CEOs, CFOs, academics, regulators, government bodies and other professionals in 20 countries across five continents.

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Global Management Accounting Update

The CIMA employer newsletter, 'Global Management Accounting Update', is designed to keep employers around the world informed with all the latest CIMA and CGMA (Chartered Global Management Accountant®) news. Sign up to the quarterly newsletter to get access to key industry reports, events and resources relevant to management accountants.

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Thought Leadership

As the global leader in management accounting CIMA is committed to producing relevant, rigorous and applied research. We publish industry-leading insight, fund academic programmes, and collaborate with partners globally to help people and organisations drive better, sustainable business performance.

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Valuing your Talent is a collaborative, industry-led movement to build a greater understanding and appreciation of how people create and drive value in business.

We want to encourage employers to invest more strategically in their people, investors to recognise human capital as a fundamental element of business strategy, and employees to benefit from better opportunities and greater fulfilment at work.

Above all, we are seeking a fundamental shift in the mind-set of businesses and investors alike, driving a shared interest in transforming how we value our people.

High-quality decision making has never been more important — or more difficult. Leading in a new era requires the ability to join the dots, connecting the most relevant information and people from across the organisation when making decisions. Our research provides solutions to help you join the dots in your organisation.

This report describes the personal skills and competencies management accountants must possess to be recognised as credible leaders co-creating insight.

Salary Calculator

CIMA’s online salary calculator allows members and students to access average salaries according to different geographies and career factors.

Using data from the 2019 CIMA salary survey, the calculator allows members and students to quickly compare and contrast average salaries by country, industry, job role and level of experience in their respective countries.

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