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Chartered Global Management Accountants (CGMA®) add value to your business by combining accounting and business management skills to inform critical decisions.

  • Not all accountants are the same

    Management accounting combines accounting, finance and management skills. Businesses need CIMA qualified management accountants and CGMA designation holders to drive sustainable business performance. We work with employers to keep our qualifications and professional development up to date to ensure our members are in demand and meet your needs.

  • CIMA qualifications: recognised worldwide

    The Certificate in Business Accounting (Cert BA) and the CIMA Professional Qualification are recognised worldwide as the most relevant global finance qualifications for a career in business. Find out more about our qualifications and the added value your employees will bring at each stage of their CIMA journey.


  • Training and Development

    You know you need the right people with the right skills at the right time. We work with you to help attract, develop and retain the best talent. Find out how to become a CIMA accredited employer.

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CIMA's exam options

Online exam | Test centre exam

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Thought leadership

Keep your students and members future-focused with our innovation and thought leadership reports

Valuing your Talent is a collaborative, industry-led movement to build a greater understanding and appreciation of how people create and drive value in business.

We want to encourage employers to invest more strategically in their people, investors to recognise human capital as a fundamental element of business strategy, and employees to benefit from better opportunities and greater fulfilment at work.

Above all, we are seeking a fundamental shift in the mind-set of businesses and investors alike, driving a shared interest in transforming how we value our people.

High-quality decision making has never been more important — or more difficult. Leading in a new era requires the ability to join the dots, connecting the most relevant information and people from across the organisation when making decisions. Our research provides solutions to help you join the dots in your organisation.

This report describes the personal skills and competencies management accountants must possess to be recognised as credible leaders co-creating insight.

Global Management Accounting Principles

The world’s first Global Management Accounting Principles (GMAPs) are delivered by the AICPA and CIMA, giving your organisation a practical framework to improve decision making and drive value. By using the Principles your organisation will have better insight, more relevance, improved analysis and increased levels of trust. This will galvanise better informed decision-making, which will lead to more sustainable and valuable business.

Find out more about the principles and how they can enhance your strategic development. 

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IFRS Certificate Programme

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), issued by the International Accounting Standard Board (IASB), are becoming the global accounting standard for how companies prepare financial statements. The IFRS Certificate Programme gives participants the skills to compete effectively in today’s global business environment.

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  • Recruitment

    Recruiting CIMA talent means you’re hiring people with skills that go beyond finance, are kept up to date and can be applied across your business.

  • Support your students

    Support your CIMA students on their pathway to becoming a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) by providing them with the relevant information they need to pass their exams.

  • Supporting your CGMAs

    Lifelong learning is a key theme for CIMA members, see how you can support your CGMAs through their continued learning and development.