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Cheating is a Choice – not a mistake

With an increase in the use of new technology and social media platforms, education providers globally have found that there are a minority of students who are finding new ways to attempt to cheat and game the system*. 

As such, to start the new year have provided you with a number of resources to further enhance your awareness of unethical behaviour and better understand how to comply with the CIMA Code of Conduct and exam rules.

Check out some interesting real life student case studies from around the world highlighting the likely consequences of engaging in unethical practices. You can also read our guidance on using social media to use as part of your learning and exam preparation.

Over the coming months we’ll be launching a series of articles and blogs on CIMAconnectFacebook and Instagram – so stay tuned!

More about CIMA's ethical resources

 *CIMA take any breaches to our exam security very seriously and will continue to take bold actions to address the challenges faced.


No grey areas with the Exam Terms and Conditions

As part of our ongoing efforts for continuous improvement we’ve updated our Exam Scheduling Terms and Conditions to reflect our examination rules.
We are committed to ensuring that our exams are carried out ethically, honestly and to very high standards for the benefit of you and our key partners. You’ll be familiar with most of the rules however the updated Ts & Cs ensure there is a level playing field and no grey areas when it comes to taking a CIMA exam. 
The updated terms and conditions are applicable to all CIMA exams scheduled on or after 1 January 2017.

Updated terms and conditions
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