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CIMA PQ to CGMA PQ name change - FAQs

Please refer to these frequently asked questions for answers to any queries you might have about the CIMA’s Professional Qualification to CGMA Professional Qualification name change.

Why is the CIMA® PQ changing to the Chartered Global Management Accountant® PQ?

  • To reflect the scope of this globally recognised, future-ready qualification and offer you better employment options as an accounting and finance professional
  • To unify all educational pathways to earning the CGMA designation and present one globally recognised standard for management accounting
  • To better align exam and designation terminology

What’s the difference between the CGMA PQ and the CGMA designation?

  • The CGMA PQ is the educational pathway and work experience you must complete.
  • The CGMA designation is what you earn upon completion

What does the CGMA designation demonstrate about the designation holder’s knowledge and work experience?

The CGMA designation is the world’s most widely held management accounting designation, with more than 137,000 designees. The AICPA® & CIMA established it in 2012 to recognise a unique group of management accountants who have reached the leading benchmark of quality and competence. The CGMA designation is built on extensive global research to maintain the highest relevance with employers and develop the most in-demand competencies. CGMA designation holders qualify through rigorous education, exam, and experience requirements

Will this change affect how employers view the value of the designation?

No. CIMA, which employers know and trust, still awards the CGMA designation. The CGMA PQ will open opportunities throughout their careers and make CGMA candidates and designation holders highly sought after by employers worldwide

Will the membership change in any way?

No. This is simply a change to the name of the PQ

Are there different learning resources for the CGMA PQ?

No. The candidates can access the same high-quality resources as before the name change. In addition, the CGMA PQ expands your learning possibilities by incorporating the latest thinking and practices from leading experts.

Does CIMA still exist?

Absolutely! This name change reflects the combined power and resources of the AICPA & CIMA. Both organisations will continue to serve their members and offer new opportunities through the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants®. CIMA will continue to provide the CGMA Professional Qualification that enables candidates to become CIMA members and earn their CGMA designation.

Will I still belong to a professional body?

Yes, CIMA is still the awarding body for the designation, so you still belong.

What does this change mean for employers?

  • The transition brings consistency and recognition of a mastery of management accounting, business, and finance. When hiring a CGMA designation holder, you know they’re hiring the best.
  • It means they’re adding digital-first talent to their workforce.
  • It means the CGMA designation holders have gone through a rigorous professional education programme that delivers a master’s degree-level command of business and finance skills.

What should school teachers or university professors know about the CGMA PQ?

  • It gets students off to the best start for a long and rewarding management accounting career, helping them develop the capability, confidence, knowledge, know-how and relevant digital skills they’ll need to succeed.
  • It will keep students resilient, ready and equipped with the skill set to adapt to the blistering rate of change, from their first job to their last.
  • It gives students access to over 2,500 CPD learning products that foster skills and insights they’ll use at every stage of their careers
  • It gives them access to a PQ and syllabus developed in consultation with 5,500 finance professionals across 150 countries