Find out more about what members, students and business leaders had to say about CIMA’s long-term strategy and on staying relevant in a changing world.

As a business we are continually seeking to adapt to an ever changing consumer climate, management accountants are critical to supporting this change. CIMA and the AICPA have continued to evolve alongside their members to be in the optimum position to support the changes members face.
Nick Cooling ACMA, CGMA, Senior Commercial Finance Manager, Warburtons

As a member I am excited about CIMA and the AICPA joining forces to create a new Association which will be a leading global force of accounting professionals; and as an employer I am even more excited about the ability to access a deeper talent pool with the mark of distinction that I know I can trust across more geographies.
Kam Patel ACMA, CGMA, Director – Head of India Product Control, Barclays Group

Through the new Association, it is exciting that CIMA have the opportunity to be the real drivers of change and to be part of the largest body of finance professionals in the world. We will strengthen our position as the strongest advocates and practitioners of management accounting
Eilis Kelly FCMA, CGMA, Senior Implementation Manager, Paradigm Managed Services

For CIMA members, this proposal was a no brainer. It represents the best of both worlds. I see advantages for both memberships.

Jerry Bird FCMA, CGMA, Finance Director, Accenture

Even though commerce and corporates have embraced the global sphere rapidly, professions and institutes are yet to keep up with this trend. This vacuum is yet to get filled and will require associations with the same mind set and ideology, to proceed and partner. Without global connectivity they will not impart the desired skills and ethics to their memberships, to quickly embrace the changing environment.

Ahmed D S Ismail FCMA, CGMA, Senior Manager - Business
Risk Management, Saudi British Bank

I would like to commend CIMA and the AICPA for staying relevant to the accounting profession in an ever-evolving world. These new developments give the profession the recognition that it deserves and ensures that we professionals are taken seriously by other related professions. You definitely have my support and appreciation!
Boitumelo Molefe FCMA, CGMA, CEO, Botswana Public Officers Pension Fund

For me, the working together with AICPA, and CIMA joining forces with them, is very logical for my business model. We are able to retain our identities and to retain those cultural differences.

Mark Allen FCMA, CGMA, MD Zenith Tax Solutions Limited

CIMA always focused on staying relevant throughout the past but now the new Association which builds on the joint venture with AICPA will ensure an even stronger focus on providing access to best practices, learning support, and knowledge resources.
Szilard Brenner FCMA, CGMA, CFO – Vietnam, Central Global Services Joint Stock Company

This will enrich professionalism among members to give reality to fundamental and transformational change demands, for sustainable business growth.
Sutheash Balasubramaniam FCMA, CGMA, UN Global Compact – Sri Lanka Network Representative

The changes in technology and business models tell us that future generations of business finance professionals will need to work across borders, cultures and partners even more than ever. Being supported by a truly global organisation that focuses on their capabilities and employability will be crucial to the future of the profession.
Mahes Wickramasinghe, Chief Strategy Officer, Canadian Tire

I believe evolution is important to ensure relevance in today’s evolving playing field. The joint venture evolution makes the qualification even more global and should create opportunities for CIMA members.
Tom du Preez FCMA, CGMA, Partner, Ernst & Young

A combined CIMA-AICPA Association will reach across geographical borders mirroring businesses today. This combination will offer members the opportunity to benefit from experience globally, thus creating more rounded and diverse accountants.
John Endean ACMA, CGMA, Director Finance Education, UBS

The creation of a new association will be valuable for both members and businesses by opening doors to new markets and having a wider pool of talent and opportunities to tap into. The pooling of knowledge and experiences will benefit businesses in knowing they are getting the skills that are widely used and accepted. There is also the opportunity to accelerate strategic thinking and research which will increase respect for the profession and Association.
Deepesh Lad FCMA, CGMA, Governance Director, Asia Pacific, Barclays

CIMA members will have the opportunity for strong global advocacy on accounting and business issues. They will have an even stronger voice within their respective countries and in the world.

Imran Khalil FCMA, CGMA, CEO, Float Securities (Private) Limited

The joining hands of CIMA and AICPA will create an innovative dimension in the management accounting landscape.
Chandrin Fernando – Chief Executive Officer, Arpico Finance Company PLC

It's not business as usual anymore. It's business unusual…The CIMA and AICPA is not a response. It's a statement of the future that will take their members to the forefront.
Uantchern Loh FCMA, CGMA, Chief Executive, Singapore Accountancy Commission

The Association will offer a powerful drive to progress the evolution of the management accounting profession. A win-win for all stakeholders.
Ammar Alhassan FCMA, CGMA, CFO, BMMI

Since the creation of the CGMA designation, the CIMA qualification is more regularly listed as a qualification of choice for employers.  This alliance with the AICPA will strengthen this improvement.
Garie Walsh ACMA, CGMA, Senior Manager, PwC

The creation of the new Association will help the members to further "future proof" the profession by providing the networks, skills and know-how to negotiate the ever changing demands for the management accountants and accounting professionals.
Low Swee Heng FCMA, CGMA, Financial Controller, Asia, Greene, tweed and co

I believe that the new Association brings opportunities to members of both organisations to share learning, technical understanding and remain competitive.
Yvonne Chadwell ACMA, CGMA, Head of Compliance and Control, Misys

The world of business is continuously changing, becoming more global, competitive and dynamic.  For organisations to succeed over the long term in this new era they need to anticipate and shape the future.  This is why CIMA and the AICPA are coming together and why the combination of the two organisations is so powerful.
Pavi Binning FCMA, CGMA, President and Director, George Weston and the Loblaws Group

CIMA will have a bigger and more influential voice in the global accounting conversation to demonstrate that there is a different set of skills required to partner and work with businesses to assist in the development of business strategy.

Rebecca Bennett FCMA, CGMA, Head of Operational Excellence, Cobham Flight Operations & Services

With an ever increasing pace of change and range of disruption in the economy, every organisation needs to look a couple of steps ahead.
Krzysztof Skajewski ACMA, CGMA, Head of BI & Decision Support, RBS

With global developments such as Integrated Reporting and Integrated Thinking, it is important that there is enhanced integration and cooperation amongst different disciplines and organisations. This must necessarily contribute to improved financial performance and governance, and will minimise the risk and impact of systemic failures. Ultimately, this leads to protection of the public and investors.
Bernard Peter Agulhas, Chief Executive Office, Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors, South Africa

CIMA thought leadership has been at the forefront of many of the changes impacting the wider economy and thus equips the modern finance professional to take a lead in business. A recent Deloitte report highlighted various challenges which businesses will face in the near future; only CIMA can offer the overall package to the finance professional to both confront and lead this. The strength of the evolution of CIMA’s joint venture with another respected organisation will only add to this in a highly global economy.
James Brown ACMA, CGMA, Finance Business Partner, Aviva

A stronger membership base together with better investments behind the CIMA brand will help its members benefit from stronger recognition. 
Felix Langenbach, Finance Director, Nestlé Nespresso

Being a member of CIMA and the new Association will strengthen the value of my resume.
Jagan Arumugam, Finance Manager

The AICPA has brought premier recognition to the CPA in the United States and the same is true globally for the A/FCMA by CIMA. Both embody the highest ethical standards and require the highest professional competence, which is why I unequivocally supported the proposal to strengthen the partnership of these two institutions so that both can thrive stronger together. 
Aren Hansen ACMA, CGMA, Financial Analyst, Shell

Pooling resources will enable the new Association to keep the qualification relevant and prosecute global growth opportunities more effectively.

Mark Elliot FCMA, CGMA, Manager, Hbf Health Insurance Pty Ltd

A game changer of epic proportions! ‪#‎huge
Singapore Accountancy Commission

CIMA and AICPA are moving with me. They are not behind me or against me; they are alongside me as my partner in my profession. I find that really supportive and quite exciting and energising. I’m going to get bigger and better as they do too.
Nina Barakzai FCMA, CGMA, Group Head of Data Protection & Privacy, Sky

I am excited because I think the joint venture evolution will make the CIMA qualification more internationally recognised - even in the U.S and will lift some of the barriers to an international career.
Olabisi Akinyemi CIMA Adv Dip MA, Wells Accountant, The Shell Petroleum Development Company Of Nigeria Limited 

The new Association will provide all stakeholders with the necessary tools to navigate through the exciting business challenges at present and ahead of us. 
Mohamed Nalar FCMA, CGMA, Manager, Capital Performance, Auckland Transport