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Elections to Council


Retirements by Rotation

Notice is given that, the term of office for each Council member in the following CIMA Electoral Constituencies (EC) expires at the end of the Annual General Meeting in 2023, elections will be held in February 2023.  Nominations for candidates (Fellow and Associate) to fill the vacancies must be made by six or more members (three of whom must be Fellows) whose registered addresses are in the EC concerned.

EC   Current Member
EC1  Central London and North Thames Louise Sargeant*
EC2  South West England and South Wales Jonathan Nicholls
EC4 West Midlands Vacancy
EC4 West Midlands Has Mistry
EC5 North East England Garry Thickett
EC6 North West England and North Wales Chrishan Mendis
EC6 North West England and North Wales Ciu Yan
EC7 Scotland Stephen Milne
EC10 West, Central and Southern Africa Jaco Moolman
EC11 Central Southern England Bruce Burrows
EC11 Central Southern England Mustafa Muchhala*
EC12 South East England Brien Hueppauff
EC12 South East England Jannette Watson

*Members not eligible to stand again, having served on Council for nine or more years.

Nomination forms for candidates for election to Council are available to download here.  They may also be obtained from the Governance department at CIMA by emailing at Please read the guidelines, information on the role of a Member of Council carefully before completing the form.

The nomination must be received on the prescribed form by 23:00 GMT Monday 2, January 2023, and should be clearly marked for the attention of the Lead Specialist, Governance.  A scanned copy of a signed and completed form is acceptable.

The Governance department will promptly acknowledge receipt of the nomination form, either through an automated process or by individual notification.  It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that their form has been received.  To avoid uncertainty, candidates who do not receive such confirmation should contact the Governance department directly (email: BEFORE the closing date.

If there is more than one candidate for a vacancy, a ballot will be conducted.  The Governance team will contact you if an election is required.