Disability policy

CIMA operates an equal opportunity policy.

CIMA's headquarters in London are fully compliant with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

CIMA will do all it can to ensure that every prospective management accountant has the opportunity to benefit from suitable exam conditions in accordance with their needs.

No individual should be disadvantaged through a physical or other disability when they access our exams, in accordance with The Disability Discrimination Act (1996).

Examples of alternative communication assessment methods that help people with disabilities to demonstrate the competence being tested in our exams include:

  • a reader for candidates with a visual impairment and/or a specific learning disability
  • an amanuensis to scribe for a candidate
  • production of papers in Braille and large print
  • minicom systems
  • a magnifier, a photocopier with an enlarge facility or specialised IT software.

Further information on CIMA's disability policy for students can be obtained