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Suspension of CIMA Practising Certificate

Mr Shayne Savill of Chislehurst, Kent, UK

Notification of suspension of the CIMA Practising Certificate of Mr Shayne Savill under Member in Practice Rule 9. Mr Savill failed to comply with a request by the Institute under Rule 6 (vii) to produce remedial actions following an onsite anti-money laundering compliance visit within 28 days of the request and without a reason acceptable to the Institute.

The Institute has suspended Mr Savill’s CIMA Practising Certificate effective from 10/09/2020 for 28 days pending compliance with the request or further order under the Institute’s disciplinary procedures.

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    Eamonn Gallagher is a practising accountant at 123 XBRL / Eamonn Gallagher & Co.

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  • Niketha Gamage-Watson

    Niketha Gamage-Watson is a practising accountant at 1710 Accounting and Business Solutions.

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  • Asanka Wijesekera

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  • Marija Sijan

    Marija Sijan is a practising accountant at 1R Conculting Limited.

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  • Syed Rizwan Wasti

    Syed Rizwan Wasti is a practising accountant at 2EAccountants.

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  • Christina Lamb

    Christina Lamb is a practising accountant at 2plus2 Accountancy Ltd.

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  • David Hedley

    David Hedley is a practising accountant at 360 Accountancy Services.

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  • Matthew Davison

    Matthew Davison is a practising accountant at 4D Financial Limited.

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  • William Cooper

    William Cooper is a practising accountant at 7PDS Accountancy Services Limited.

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