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Pass rates

CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting and CIMA Professional Qualification Objective Test and Case Study exam pass rates.

CIMA exam pass rates

Case study exams

Exam pass rate: total exams passed / total exams taken.

Case study exam pass rates will be made available following the release of strategic case study exam results in each window. 

  February 2019 May 2019 August 2019 November 2019
Operational 57% 59% 46% 68%
Management 61% 70% 64% 66%
CIMA gateway 18% 32% 28% 31%
Strategic 58% 65% 64% 64%

Objective tests

Due to the launch of the 2019 Professional Qualification the OT pass rate table is currently unavailable.  We expect to update it by July 2020 and will then continue to update it on a quarterly basis. For more information on the issuing of OT results check the FAQs here

Certificate level exams (Cert BA 2017 syllabus)

The pass rates cover the objective test sittings between 01 November 2018 and 31 October 2019.

  BA1 BA2 BA3 BA4
Overall exam pass rate: Percentage of students who have passed the exam after one or more attempts.   80% 72% 84% 77%
First time pass rate: Percentage of students who have passed the exam on first attempt.   75% 62% 77% 64%
Exam pass rate: Total exams passed / total exams taken.   71% 59% 73% 59%

Scaled scores

Read about our process for scaled scores.