Advanced diploma

Congratulations on successfully completing the CIMA operational and management level examinations!

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What’s next?

The next stage in the CIMA chartered management accounting qualification is strategic level – you only need to pass three strategic level objective tests, plus the strategic case study, to complete your CIMA exams.

Within 6 weeks from receiving the ‘pass’ result of your Management Case Study or Gateway exam, a certificate will be sent to you.

If you do not receive your certificate within a couple month from the exam result issue date, please contact us immediately and we will investigate and if necessary issue a duplicate. If you do not receive your certificate and do not contact us within six months, you will be charged GBP26 for a duplicate.

Please note that students completing the level with exemption will not be eligible for the certificate.

For more information, please email or phone CIMA contact.

Study Help

CIMA provide a variety of free resources which can be found on our online student community,CIMAconnect, to help you through the operational level. These include:

  • Exam questions and answers.
  • Study guides.
  • Archive of technical articles, written by tutors and examiners.
  • ‘Ask a tutor’ events.

Visit CIMAconnect

Other resources

CIMA publishing
CIMA learning systems, exam practice kit and revision cards.
Online learning platform

College courses

You may also want to consider attending a college course to help you through your exams. Please see a list of CIMA learning quality partner colleges.

Good luck with your remaining studies!

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