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Anyone can work towards becoming a CGMA designation holder with CIMA, whether you’re new to business and accounting or an experienced professional.

Ambitious school leavers, graduates and working professionals choose CIMA as the most relevant global qualification for a career in business. Our flexible entry routes gives anyone with a passion for business the chance to study CIMA regardless of educational background. All you need is a good grasp of maths and English.

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Our top four reasons to become a CGMA designation holder
Entry routes into CIMA

Anyone can study with CIMA — whether you’re new to business and accounting or already have experience. The only requirement we ask for is that you be competent in mathematics and the English language.

Expand the diagram below to find out more about the best entry route for you.

School leavers  

CIMA can offer you an alternative qualification to university that is highly valued by employers all over the world.

You’ll start with our entry-level qualification, the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting (Cert BA). This will help you build your business and financial knowledge. It’s a recognised qualification in its own right and a great introduction to the world of business, whether you’re looking to secure a top job or run your own business. Upon completion you can use the letters CIMA Cert BA after your name.

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Undergraduates and graduates  

Studying with CIMA after university and boosting your degree with a professional qualification is a strong career move.

You don’t need a relevant degree to start your CIMA studies; graduates in any degree discipline can study with CIMA. You’ll start with the CIMA Cert BA. It’s a recognised qualification in its own right and can also be a steppingstone to the CIMA Professional Qualification.

If you’ve already completed a relevant degree such as accounting or business, you may be entitled to exemptions from some CIMA exams, allowing you to progress onto the Professional Qualification sooner.

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MBA and Master’s in Accounting holders  

If you hold an MBA or Master's in Accounting, you can take the accelerated Master's Gateway route to the CIMA Professional Qualification. You’ll just need to pass the CIMA Gateway exam, which is a three-hour computer-based case study exam available four times a year.

Once you’ve passed the CIMA Gateway exam, you’ll be exempt from 11 exams, and can progress straight to the strategic level of the CIMA Professional Qualification, the final step towards CGMA status.

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Students or members of other professional bodies  

Whether you’re still studying or you’ve progressed to membership at a recognised IFAC body, it’s important to think about what you want to achieve next. As a member of another professional body, you may be eligible for a fast track route into the CIMA qualification.

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Everyone else  

Anyone can study with CIMA, whether you already work in business and finance, want to change career or even hope to run your own business. Find out how you can study with CIMA if you don’t fit into any of the above entry routes.

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