Enterprise governance

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Thinking the unthinkable reportThinking the Unthinkable: Joining the Dots in today’s best thinking and practice: What Next?
May 2016
Top decision makers in business and other sectors increasingly recognise the need to work together to find innovative and practical solutions to the challenges presented by the growing range of complex risks, disruption and ‘unthinkable’ issues that they now face. This report explores these challenges in detail'.





Thinking the unthinkable reportThinking the unthinkable: a new imperative for leadership in the digital age
February 2016
Executive leadership at the highest levels of corporate, public service and political life faces new vulnerabilities that few in these positions are willing to talk about publicly. This report explores the options to help you face up to the 'new normal'.





Enterprise governance: restoring boardroom leadershipEnterprise governance: restoring boardroom leadership
Failures in corporate leadership contributed heavily to the global financial crisis. This paper explores some of the corporate governance issues in an effort to help boards understand what they must do to be more effective.





Corporate reputationCorporate reputation
Reputation is a major risk issue for all organisations and needs to be considered alongside all the other major risks factors, such as operational, strategic and financial. See this paper to find out more.





Corporate governance: developments in the UKCorporate governance: developments in the UK
This briefing sets out the key highlights of the UK Financial Reporting Council's (FRC) revised UK corporate governance code for listed companies and UK stewardship code for institutional investors.