Tomorrow’s corporate reporting – a critical system at risk

Corporate reporting matters: it plays an essential role in the effective functioning of the market economy. It should make an important contribution to our understanding of, and respect for, business and the financial sector as creators of value by explaining what drives that value now and in the future.

CIMA is particularly interested in the state of corporate reports because we believe they provide a window on the effectiveness of management within an organisation. This is based on the premise that if a company fails to produce effective external reports then it is unlikely to be in a position to be able to report effectively internally and therefore is likely to be making decisions based on poor information. 

We believe that the effectiveness of an organisation’s external corporate reports is an indicator of how well managed the organisation is.

CIMA, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Tomorrow’s Company set up a global study to explore the barriers to the effective development of corporate reporting and the report summarising the research has now been launched.


The report explains the findings from the perspective of a number of market participants – companies, auditors, shareholders, investors, standard setters and regulators. Looking forward the research team has also set out the key principles of an agenda for debate and a roadmap for change in the corporate reporting system.

Download a PDF version (1.8MB).



See videos from the report's launch.

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We would welcome your thoughts on the issues raised in the report and any ideas you may have for achieving change in the system. If you are interested in participating in the debate, please see and  

To find out more about this project read Nick Topazio’s blog on the main findings of the report. Previous relevant blogs include tomorrow's corporate reporting and a TCR update.