Research grants

CIMA’s charter to advance the science of management accountancy forms the core of our academic research strategy and guides our research goals.

Research is fundamental to CIMA’s overall value chain as it ensures that we are adding value to the profession and identifying new issues or trends that emerge in the marketplace.

As such, CIMA is keen to identify and work with academics and practitioners who are doing research in the area of management accounting and can offer insight into different subject areas. Each application is judged on its academic rigour, quality, originality and potential contribution to CIMA’s research objectives and accountants in business.

Types of research grants

CIMA provides three different types of grants*:

Topic-specific research initiative grants

Topic-specific research initiative grants are offered twice a year and are open to research teams globally. This is the main way in which CIMA funds research.

The next topic specific initiative will be announced in the final quarter of 2015.

Seedcorn grants

CIMA offers seedcorn funding every two years. The next seedcorn initiative will be in the final quarter of 2015.

There are two types of seedcorn funding available:

Early career research grants are for:

  • Researchers with experience only as research assistants.
  • Those without previous funding awards.
  • Those who have not previously acted as a principal researcher.

Feasibility study grants are for:

  • Experienced researchers with an idea that they want to develop.
  • Researchers to undertake feasibility studies as a preliminary to in-depth empirical research.

*Please note that these grants are only available for researchers who have completed their PhDs and have at least two years' experience.

For more information on the application process and for a copy of the contract, please see our FAQs or the documents below: