Tomorrow’s Value lecture with HSBC

CIMA and Tomorrow’s Company have joined forces to produce a series of lectures exploring the theme ‘Tomorrow’s Value’. The programme brings together an outstanding series of speakers and contributors to explore, question and probe fundamental questions of what is value, what has value, and why this is so important.

On 19 October 2011, CIMA and Tomorrow’s Company held an engaging lecture at Herbert Smith LLP, with Joe Garner, head of UK retail bank and deputy CEO of HSBC Bank plc, giving a fantastic keynote speech.

As we seek to better understand the financial crisis, there is an increasing appreciation of the importance of values and behaviour in explaining how some banks and financial institutions became ‘toxic’ and others did not.

Joe explored this theme and explained how ‘courageous integrity’ underpins the leadership style that he and other senior colleagues strive to implement at HSBC. Joe recognises the need to combat the ‘vicious circle of mistrust’ in the financial sector.

CIMA chief executive Charles Tilley rounded off the evening by calling for less regulation and more supervision in order to create long-term sustainable businesses.


Joe Garner's keynote speech (read a transcript; PDF 1MB):

Audience Q&A with panel (Jo Fox, director of ‘The Bigger Picture’, BskyB; Gurnek Bains, CEO, YSC; and Laurence Barrett, director of group resourcing and development, Prudential plc). Panel chaired by Tony Manwaring, CEO Tomorrow’s Company. 

CIMA chief executive Charles Tilley's closing remarks: