Tomorrow's Value

CIMA has joined up with the leading think tank Tomorrow’s Company to host the Tomorrow's Value lecture series. We invite some of the most senior figures from the global business world to explore what we mean by value – how it is created, how it can be measured and what the drivers of value creation are.

Beyond that, we are asking business leaders how they link creating business value with values. These issues are set out in depth in our briefing paper, Tomorrow’s Value.

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November: Tomorrow's business success: telling your value creation story

CIMA's and Tomorrow’s Company's annual lunchtime reception at the House of Lords, held this year on 18 November 2014, discussed the need for integrated reporting <IR> and the best way to tell the value creation story.

November: Public value: principles into practice

On 4 November 2014, this CIMA and Tomorrow's Company lecture discussed how to improve the performance and outcomes of public spending and finance through principles-led management. 

March: Creating value in the cities in which we live and work

Held on 13 March at the Mansion House, this event explored the need to create value in the cities in which we live and work.

March: Tomorrow's Generation

With youth unemployment at record levels, this lecture on 3 March asked how to tackle the employability crisis.

January: risk, innovation and people

This panel discussion in the US featured Gregory Case, AON CEO and President; Lisa Westlake of Moody's; Prem Parameswaran of Jefferes & Co. Inc; and Erika Karp of Cornerstone Capital, Inc. Watch the videos on cgma.org.


November: Responsible investment: tough choices and practical dilemmas

On 13 November Paul Feeney, Chief Executive of Old Mutual Wealth (OMW), set out how he is transforming OMW to achieve long-term sustainability, and ‘enable positive futures for clients, investors, employees and communities.’ 

How to leverage opportunities amid unprecedented risk

At the first Tomorrow’s Company event held in New York on 9 October 2013, Gregory Case, President and Chief Executive of global insurance company Aon, said the aggregate level of risk to businesses is rising at an unprecedented pace. Cybersecurity challenges threaten businesses and even the stock exchanges where value is traded. Social media’s expanding influence can draw attention to risks, crush reputations and cause investors to flee.

Yet, Case explained, there is more opportunity than ever for businesses that understand integrated risk. Along with volatility, globalisation provides increased access to new markets, and social media provides an inexpensive way for companies to tell their story to a vast audience.

Read more from the event on cgma.org.

The city and capitalism for the long term

On 15 May Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director of McKinsey & Company, argued that the economic crisis proved that 'capitalism has become too short term,' and that 'a shift to long-term capitalism is vital for a company's success.'

A journey of culture change

An event on 6 March saw Dick Olver, Chairman of BAE Systems, speak about a journey of culture change he has led at BAE Systems.


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