Using integrated reporting to help create value and effectively tell the full story

Global companies must create value for the short, medium and long term. But they are doing this in an environment where there is a general lack of trust in businesses; pressures favouring immediate rewards; and the need to integrate many different sources of value spanning borders, cultures and generations.

Being able to excel in telling your value creation story will therefore be an increasing source of competitive advantage. That is the main conclusion we have drawn from talking with senior business leaders across the world, supported by dialogues, research and other data.

See a guide and toolkit.

Guide to using <IR>

Download the guide  (PDF 1MB)

Key guide findings

How integrated reporting helps a company create value:

  • Focus on external business environment.
  • Better understanding of value creation process.
  • Identify critical business relationships.
  • Forward-looking orientation.
  • More resilient business model.

How integrated reporting helps a company tell its story

For investors: 

  • More relevant assessment of risk.
  • Explain the value of the ‘non-financial’.

For employees:

  • Basis for effective communication.
  • Better engagement and motivation.

For other stakeholders:

  • Identify relevant factors affecting future operations.
  • Understanding resilience of the extended value chain.


This toolkit (PDF 227KB) for CEOs, CFOs and chairmen helps facilitate and help lead a discussion within organisations and within boards on how integrated reporting can help them in:

  • Better understanding and connecting disparate sources and drivers of long term value to have better strategy development, better decision making and implementation.
  • Telling the story in a succinct way to help win trust and reputation and encourage better relationships with investors, staff and others.

Find out more

We surveyed C-suite members of CIMA and the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) about their views on their current reporting and their perceptions of <IR> as a reporting framework. The results of the survey provide valuable insights for both the authors and audiences of corporate reports.

Download the survey results at

CIMA collaborated with Tomorrow’s Company and the Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) on this programme. For CIMA, this guide is part of a commitment to support the future performance of organisations by CFOs and others in the Management Accounting teams globally.

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