Finance transformation

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Thought provoking research published by KPMG1 in 1998 had a vision of finance as a function, rather than a physical presence, by 2010.

How far this has been achieved in practice and what lessons can be learned?

Our report explores these questions: 

  • how has the structuring of the finance function developed?
  • has the finance department disappeared?
  • is it necessary for the finance function to be a business partner?
  • how do practices vary among organisations - for example, in different size and sectoral groups?
  • what is the future for the finance function now?
  • what does all this mean for the development of the finance professional?

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Products available

From efficiency to effectiveness: transforming the finance delivery mix
1 May 2011

Finance and organisational performance: shaping the future
1 April 2011

Ledgers to leadership - a journey through the finance function
1 April 2010

Finance transformation: the evolution to value creation
24 October 2009 

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Free reports

Finance transformation: a missed opportunity for SMEs?Finance transformation: a missed opportunity for SMEs?
October 2011

This new report shows how leading organisations have transformed their finance functions to help improve their business’ performance.



The big shift: setting sights on value and business partnering
August 2011

This report provides an insight and analysis of finance transformation and business partnering together with real examples. Find out more about the major shift bringing finance, strategy and operations within organisations closer together.

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Fact or fiction? The independent business partnerFact or fiction? The independent business partner
April 2011

This paper is based on discussions between finance professionals from leading companies, at a CIMA roundtable held early in 2011. The aim was to provide a picture of the opportunities and challenges finance transformation is creating, with particular regard to the independence and objectivity of the finance function and its professionals.


Shared service centres

CIMA recently funded an excellent research project on shared service centres at the University of Loughborough.