Latest reports

The role of the CFO on the modern board
December 2014

This briefing  is based upon a recent CIMA event discussion.It considers the role of the CFO in the context of the evolving board agenda and offers five practical tips on how the CFO can help the board to ensure it makes good use of its limited time.




Delivering value and accountability
October 2014

This paper  brings together private and public sector perspectives to consider what more the finance function – and its closer integration with the rest of the business – could do, and to provide insights for policy makers, boards and finance teams.




Using analytics to reduce days sales outstandingUsing analytics to reduce days sales outstanding
September 2014

This paper alerts finance professionals to new ways of using data to improve cash flow and ensure the value of the organisation is maintained.




Tomorrow's relationships
August 2014

'Tomorrow’s relationships' is a set of materials which seeks to recognise the full value of business relationships. See the report, roadmap and agenda



Valuing your talentUsing integrated reporting
July 2014

We have produced a guide and toolkit for C-suites encouraging the adoption of integrated reporting (<IR>). 'Tomorrow’s business success' shows how chairmen, CEOs and CFOs can use <IR> to help create value and effectively tell the full story.


Valuing your talentValuing your talent
July 2014

These resources showcase the latest thinking in the human capital measurement and management space, as highlighted by the valuing your talent initiative.




Building clinical engagement with costing imageBuilding clinical engagement with costing
July 2014

This report explores the issues around the lack of clinical engagement with costing, and identifies ways that costing practitioners and clinicians can work together to sustain the deliverance of better quality outcomes.




Accounting for natural capital: the elephant in the boardroomAccounting for natural capital: the elephant in the boardroom
May 2014

As we become increasingly aware of our reliance on natural resources it is vital organisations respond swiftly to manage risks. This report explains how finance professionals can take action.



Embedding ethical values: a guide to CIMA partnersLooking beyond the checkbox
April 2014

As part of an ongoing joint programme on ethical culture, this paper highlights how good corporate governance depends on the right questions being asked, and addressed, within the context of a values-based approach to organisational culture




IPOs, organisational and management accounting change in listed Chinese state-owned enterprisesIPOs, organisational and management accounting change in listed Chinese state-owned enterprises
March 2014

This paper investigates how management accounting and control practices change in listed Chinese state-owned enterprises following initial public offerings to stock exchanges.




Ready for business: bridging the employability gapReady for business: bridging the employability gap 
February 2014

We explain how we worked with key stakeholders and conducted comprehensive research to update our syllabus and assessment process. 




Embedding ethical values in the corporate culture: ZambiaEmbedding ethical values in the corporate culture: Zambia
February 2014

Discover the key findings from a joint CIMA and Institute of Directors Zambia roundtable, held at the 2013 Annual Business Conference in Livingstone. 




Executive remunerationExecutive remuneration
January 2014

Read about the new UK governance framework for directors’ remuneration.





Understanding reputational risk – the costs of ‘act now, worry later’
January 2014

Read the key findings from the discussions at the Malaysian Institute of Integrity and CIMA roundtable on reputational risk, based on a global CGMA survey.




Report cover: Risk culture in financial organisationsRisk culture in financial organisations
October 2013

This paper outlines how interest in the cultures of organisations and their effects on management practices has increased dramatically since 2008.




Management accounting practices of UK SMEsManagement accounting practices of UK SMEs
July 2013

This paper reports on the findings of a CIMA-sponsored study of the management accounting practices of SMEs. 




The boardroom and riskThe boardroom and risk
June 2013

This report and toolkit focus on a key group of potentially catastrophic risks and what boards can do to evolve their risk management agenda.




Financial leadership for governmentFinancial leadership for government
June 2013

CIMA and the Institute for Government have joined forces to produce a blueprint for reform that will lead to better decision making and more efficient government.




Report cover: Management control systems as a packageManagement control systems as a package
May 2013
This report outlines the outcomes of various elements of management control systems (MCS), helping to better focus the analysis of MCS packages.




Report cover of Embedding ethical values into the corporate cultureEmbedding ethical values into the corporate culture
April 2013

Read about a roundtable on corporate integrity discussing the issues of embedding ethical values into the corporate culture of an organisation.



Report cover of corporate social responsibility and innovation in management accountingCorporate social responsibility and innovation in management accounting
March 2013

Find out how companies embed CSR in their management control systems (MCS) in an attempt to align the behaviour of organisational participants with strategic objectives concerning sustainability in China.