Integrated reporting <IR>

Integrated reporting (<IR>) is a new approach to corporate reporting which is rapidly gaining international recognition.

The International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC)’s framework for <IR> has now launched.

About <IR>

<IR> demonstrates how organisations really create value:

  • It is a concise communication of an organisation’s strategy, governance and performance
  • It demonstrates the links between its financial performance and its wider social, environmental and economic context
  • It shows how organisations create value over the short, medium and long term

Browse the IIRC database of <IR> examples.

Why use <IR>?

Increasingly, businesses are expected to report not just on profit but on their impact on the wider economy, society and the environment. Integrated reporting gives a ‘dashboard’ view of an organisation’s activities and performance in this broader context, which will:

  • Enable more effective decision making at board level
  • Improve the information available to investors
  • Encourage more integrated thinking and business practices

Launch of IIRC framework

The international integrated reporting (<IR>) framework was released in December 2013. It marks an important milestone in the market-led evolution of corporate reporting.  

It follows a three-month global consultation led by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) earlier in the year, which elicited over 350 responses from every region in the world, the overwhelming majority of which expressed support for <IR>.

The framework will be used to accelerate the adoption of <IR> across the world, where it is currently being trialled in over 25 countries, 16 of which are members of the G20, the group of nations focused on strengthening the global economy. 

Read the framework.

CIMA and <IR>

CIMA is at the forefront of developing new approaches to accountancy and reporting. Our members are uniquely placed to drive the development of integrated reporting – and integrated thinking within business. That’s why we are working with the IIRC.

Our Chief Executive, Charles Tilley FCMA, CGMA, is the chairman of the IIRC technical task force which is developing integrated reporting guidance, including the new IR framework. We also jointly authored the Business model background paper for <IR> on behalf of the IIRC, along with PwC and the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) .

In 2012 we became one of over 80 organisations worldwide to test the principles of integrated reporting in their corporate reporting cycle. Our 2013 annual review will use current integrated reporting guidelines.

Charles Tilley (CIMA Chief Executive) and Russell Picot (Chief Accounting Officer, HSBC) explain how <IR> is vital to help build more resilient and successful organisations.


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