Fee list

Student fees from 1 January 2016.

Subscription fees

Students  GBP108
Students who have passed T4 part B / strategic case study exam GBP250
New student (first subscription fee, up to the next October after you register) Free

Registration fees

Registration (one-off payment) GBP77
Re-registration GBP0 zero (Until 30th June 2016 -usually GBP77)
Registration for the management accountants’ gateway (not including assessment fee)  GBP77
Registration for the CIMA professional gateway assessment GBP410
Registration for the CIMA Master's gateway package GBP700
Registration for the CIMA Master's gateway assessment GBP410

Exemption fees

Certificate in business accounting (per subject) GBP56
Operational and management level objective tests (per subject) GBP73
Operational and management level case study exams (per exam) GBP120
Strategic level objective tests (per subject) GBP120

Exam fees

CIMA recently introduced a tiered pricing structure for exam fees as part of our commitment to continually improving access to our qualifications and assessments worldwide. 

View local exam pricing by selecting your tier from the list below. Please note, a breakdown of specific countries can be found within the relevant tier page.

Tier 1: Western Europe, Turkey, Australia, Singapore, USA and Canada

Tier 2: Rest of the world 

Tier 3: Sub-Saharan Africa