Fee list

Subscription fees

  2014 student subscription fees
Students GBP103
Students who have passed T4 part B (CIMA case study) GBP235
New student (first year subscription fee) Free

Registration fees

  January-July 2014 August-December 2014 
Registration GBP75 GBP75
Re-registration GBP75 GBP75
Registration for the management accountants’ gateway (registration only)  GBP75 GBP75
Registration for the CIMA professional gateway assessment GBP361 GBP365
Registration for the CIMA Master's gateway package (registration + assessment + online tuition) GBP618 GBP622
Registration for the CIMA Master's gateway (registration + assessment) GBP361 GBP365

Exemption fees

 Exam January-July 2014 August-December 2014
CIMA certificate in business accounting GBP50 per subject GBP50 per subject
Operational and management levels  GBP84 per subject GBP91 per subject
Strategic level  GBP90 per subject GBP98 per subject

Exam fees

  January-July 2014 August-December 2014 
CIMA certificate in business accounting
(Please note that CBA centres may charge administration fees in addition to the standard fee)
GBP50 per subject assessment
GBP50 per subject assessment
Operational and management levels  GBP84 per paper
GBP91 per paper
Operational and management 'extra' exams (re-sits) GBP142 per paper
GBP142 per paper
Management accounting gateway assessment GBP52 per paper
GBP52 per paper
Strategic level GBP90 per paper
GBP98 per paper
Strategic level 'extra' exams (re-sits) GBP157 per paper
GBP157 per paper
T4 part B (paper-based) GBP114 per paper
GBP124 per paper
T4 part B (PC based) GBP165 per paper
GBP165 per paper
Additional fee for late entry GBP211
Additional fee for very late entry  GBP423
Change of exam paper/centre Free
Fee for late change of exam paper/centre GBP68
Fee for very late change of exam paper/centre GBP92
Exam non payment admin fees GBP68
Script review GBP165
Duplicate certificate GBP23
Admin review GBP52

Continuous improvements

The exam fees are increasing for the November 2014 exam sitting and in January 2015.  

The needs of students are at the heart of everything CIMA does and we continuously work hard to ensure the qualification remains competitively priced compared to other accounting bodies. In order to deliver the best student experience we are pioneering advances in exam delivery and assessment and are investing in the capabilities and infrastructure to successfully make this happen.  

The 2015 syllabus and assessment will deliver greater flexibility for students as exams are available on demand and courses can be completed online. In partnership with Pearson VUE*, we now have over 5,000 exam centres worldwide dedicated to delivering an exceptional service for students. 

The working population, school leavers and graduates are accustomed to working digitally and the updated syllabus and assessment has this requirement at its core. Our objective is to produce competent and confident management accounting professionals who can guide and lead their organisations to sustainable success.  

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