P1 performance operations

The P1 exam focuses on the tools and techniques used for information generation. It will explain how to use this information to evaluate and control present and projected performance.

Study guides P1: syllabus guide (PDF 81KB)
P1: area A – self study guide (PDF 99KB)
P1: area B – self study guide (PDF 62KB)
P1: area C – self study guide (PDF 81KB)
P1: area D – self study guide (PDF 65KB)
P1: area E – self study guide (PDF 82KB)
Examiner's Question Time: P1 (PDF 69KB)
Exam papers and model answers November 2014 exam paper (PDF 149KB) and answers (PDF 106KB)
September 2014 exam paper (PDF 165KB) and answers (PDF 113KB)
May 2014 exam paper
(PDF 165KB) and answers (PDF111KB)
March 2014 exam paper (PDF 158KB) and answers (PDF 98KB)
November 2013 exam paper (PDF 158KB) and answers (PDF 119KB)
September 2013 exam paper (PDF 233KB) and answers (PDF 122KB) 

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Post exam guides November 2014 (PDF 160KB)
September 2014 (PDF 150KB)
May 2014
(PDF 139KB)
March 2014 (PDF 135KB)

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Useful articles *NEW* Working capital management (FM, November 2014, PDF 250KB)
Exam practice - absorption costing
 (Velocity, October 2014)
Absorption costing (FM, September 2014; PDF KB)
Variance analysis (FM, July/August 2012) (PDF 2MB)
Annualised equivalent method (FM, May 2012) (PDF 2MB)
Tackling cash flow problems (FM, June 2011) (PDF 161KB)
An exam approach to answering P1 questions (Velocity April 2012)

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Reading lists Core reading
CIMA P1 Study Text - CIMA publishing

Additional reading
M. Oliver and Charles Horngren, 'Managerial Accounting (International Edition 2011)', Pearson Education
Colin Drury, 'Management and Cost Accounting (7th edition)', CEngage
Exam questions by learning outcome Learning outcomes by past papers: 2010 syllabus (PDF 77KB)
Article looking at the importance of verbs in learning outcomes and exam questions (PDF 56KB)
Maths tables P1 maths tables (PDF 56KB)