Ethical dilemmas tool

If you have concerns at work, you most probably have an ethical dilemma. The longer you leave it, the more chance there is of repercussions for you, the organisation, and the standing of the profession.

Our tool, 'Ethical dilemmas – what would you do?' allows you to practice solving ethical dilemmas, with help from the CIMA code of ethics and your ethics checklist.

Try the tool

The worksheet consists of five case studies of different dilemmas. Practice resolving the dilemmas in the case studies, by deciding which principles of the code are affected and what steps you should take to resolve the dilemma. Then look at the answer sheet to see if your answers reflect CIMA’s guidance.

This is a good way to become familiar with your code of ethics and practice how to use it. It can be used for personal CPD, by tutors, or as team exercises for employees.



Practice resolving the dilemmas in the five case studies in this worksheet (PDF 223KB), with help from your professional code of ethics and the ethics checklist.

Answer sheet

When you have finished considering the dilemmas from the worksheet, download this answer sheet (PDF 186KB) and compare your answers to see if your thoughts reflect CIMA’s guidance.