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CIMA Canada has a thriving membership network base. Contact our member contact in Canada at with local queries, or email our CIMA contact team.

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    Anyone can study CIMA, whether you’re new to business and finance or an experienced professional. Increase your chances of career success by becoming a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA). Learn more below.

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    As a CIMA student, we want to help you by providing the support you need to reach your goal of qualifying as a CGMA.

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    As a CGMA you get access to a wide range of benefits and services - explore what’s available to you and ensure you’re making the most of your membership.

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Book an appointment with one of our personal advisers to find out how the CIMA qualification can help your career.

Call us on +44 (0)20 8849 2251 from 4am to 12pm Monday to Friday.

Members and students can call us on +44 (0)20 8849 2251 between 4am to 12pm Monday to Friday.

The guidance demonstrates the act places boundaries on the use of CIMA’s designatory letters of ‘ACMA’ and FCMA’. In reality, given the role our members undertake, we doubt that the legislation should much affect you. Your employers and others will have no difficulties in understanding your professionalism, founded on your membership of CIMA.

We know our students work hard to learn the CIMA syllabus and pass their exams. That is why we too, are working hard to support their study effort.

One of the advantages of being a CIMA student is having an online platform designed exclusively to support your studies. CIMAconnect is a mobile friendly, study support platform that enables students to get free study material and have discussions with other students about their experience, anywhere, anytime!

Join our online community CIMAconnect for peer expertise and study support.

Global Business Services Qualification

CIMA and the Hackett Group have developed a comprehensive talent management and professional development qualification programme specifically tailored for global business services (GBS) and shared services (SS) professionals.

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