Centre of excellence Australasia

CIMA has established a centre of excellence (COE) for Australasia in Sydney. The COE will collaborate with universities, the public sector and key industry players in this region. They will ensure the areas of research and related outputs are market driven and relevant.

Outputs will include research reports and cutting edge tools and techniques that will address issues raised by the industry. These solutions will be vital in guiding critical business decisions and driving strong performance in financial and operational reality.

The research, which will be led by CIMA, will help to develop the CIMA brand within the accounting field in this region. It will also increase awareness of the benefits of using management accounting tools and concepts to gain competitive edge. CIMA will therefore have a better understanding of employers’ needs in the region and be able to develop a truly global industry relevant syllabus and CPD resources appropriate for local use.

2016 research grant scheme

We invite applications for research funding from academics and practitioners in the region.

We are closed for research grant application. 


monash logo  Monash Business School grant recipient research projects

You can participate in the latest Monash Business School research, funded by a grant from the Australasia COE. The current research is on 'The influence of psychological traits on capital investment decisions'.

Please read this explanatory statement (PDF 86KB) in full before making a decision about whether you will take part. The results from your completion of this survey will be used to write a paper regarding the influence of psychological traits on capital investment decisions.

Many projects have been awarded grants. Find out more


We also sponsored a research project examining the measurement properties of sustainability performance measures (KPIs), from Dr Aldonio Ferreira from Monash University in Melbourne.

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  • Academic research reports

    Academic research reports

    Executive Summaries of research projects commissioned by CIMA. These reports summarise the project itself and present the key findings and the implications for business practitioners.

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    Research events and news

    The COE Australasia wants to ensure that management accounting research undertakes ongoing improvements and holds events to help achieve this.

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    Research panel

    Wanted to know more about the research panel in the Australasia region?

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